I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream…

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream…

…for ice cream (unless you are dairy free). It is summer, and in the summer many of us like enjoy the occasional cone. And after a few too many trips to the parlour I have realized how predictable flavour choices are to the people who buy them.

A 100%* accurate list of ice cream flavours and the type of person who buys each.

*in my opinion

Bubble Gum/ Cotton Candy: any child, or any adult who doesn’t mind blue teeth.


Image Credit: Whipped Up Whimsy

Maple Pecan: any old person (aka my dad, my grandma). I don’t understand what part of this ice cream they like so much… the artificial maple or the soggy nut-chunks?

Be Whole. Be You.

Moose Tracks: a Canadian classic. the type of person I want to be around (also my favourite).


Cookies and Cream: You know what you like and stick to it.

Healthy Food For Living.

Cookie Dough: an ice cream connoisseur, willing to take risks, as no cookie dough ice cream is alike.


Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate: the ol’ faithful, indecisive fall back. When in doubt, go plain.


Rocky Road/ Heavenly Hash: you are a little nuts, but you have a soft side.


Tiger Tail: I am a lover of all ice creams. That being said, I don’t consider this disgrace an ice cream. So tiger tail is to me what Trump is to the world.

Celebration Generation

Soft Serve: boo, boring. This person either has no teeth or is extremely uninteresting. Exhibit A:


Gelato: oh you are cultured aren’t you.


What type of ice cream do you like?

Summer School: A Story of Survival

Summer School: A Story of Survival

So you made the decision to take classes through the summer, you figured it would be a great use of time until:

  1. All of your friends are enjoying their summer and you are in a classroom.
  2. Not to mention there is no AC at the school in the summer.
  3. And the classes are accelerated, so you are just trying to make it to the end.
  4. No one wants to be there, so you are all bitter together.
  5. You run out of money, because you are trying to “focus on your school work”.
  6. You spend the dog days inside writing term papers.
  7. You want to do fun things, but deadlines and meetings ruin any chance of that.
  8. You are sad that none of your friends are around on campus, but then turn into Dwight Schrute when the school is all of a sudden busy.tenor.gif
  9. During the school year, you can console yourself with the thought that everyone is in school, then April hits and you tell yourself “at least the high school kids are still in school”. But then July hits and you and your fellow summer school mates are an island. Just hoping someone sees your flares.halp2theremix
  10. For months you tell yourself you will get it all done in the summer..but you don’t.
  11. TBA

Summertime: The Bucketlist

Summertime: The Bucketlist

So it is almost officially summer, but my summer is in commence so this week I figured I’d share my goals for the summer. In order to make some good memories to look back on during my exams in the fall..

  • Would love to go somewhere new this somewhere, no where too crazy but maybe  Ottawa or Montreal.
  • I want to conquer the Niagara gorge once and for all with out almost dying.
  • Visit at least 3 beaches, because nothing feels more like summer than taking the afternoon to drive to the beach.
  • Commit to blogging once a week and actually doing it.
  • Trying new things that I have wanted to do: make a terrarium, learn a language, eat healthy (lol.)
  • Upgrade the furniture in my apartment, with paint of course.
  • Visit a winery, I live in the Niagara wine region so I need to take advantage of that and experience the lush life.
  • Go to the drive-in for triple feature Saturdays (and eat loads of popcorn).
  • Try yoga, I want to be the most zen.
  • Have lazy days where I stay home all day and relax with my roommate.
  • Read the books on my list, its vast, but you have to start somewhere.

This summer I will take my extra time to becoming a better me and experiencing all I can over my vacation time while spending quality time with my friends and family. This is probably my last free summer before being done school so I need to make the most of it and experience all I can before September.