What Happened to Feminism?

Why are women scared of being called a victim? a bitch? or any other word that demonizes them? Why do women shy away from the word feminist, when at its core, is a movement for equity, not persecution. I realized recently that what the world needs (aside from many other things) is the presence of more female voices and female role models. Now, I know that may not be a role model (per se) but I am one of the many female voices coming at you from an academic background in popular culture, specifically television and gender to hopefully bring awareness to the issue of gender inequality and the facade of post-feminism. So, although it is very different from posts I usually do, I thought today I would bring you along on a little thought I developed earlier today.

My thought comes from reading through this website:


Or for a visual reference:


Today’s supposedly mediated society offers women a fierce belief that gender equality exists. According to “Woman Against Feminism” being able to take care of oneself demonstrates far more empowerment than relying on the help of others in the form of collective political action. This idea demonstrates the need for feminism, because hasn’t history shown us (for better or worse) that things are easier in a group than they are alone? But 21st Century feminism finds itself in a very interesting catch-22. The post-feminist landscape that suggests gender equality has been achieved is actively working to make feminism obsolete. But in doing so it is also perpetrating a system of political inequality that makes feminism more relevant than ever. If we all succumb to the thought of post-feminist individualism, there will be no one left to band together and create collective change. So, while many women look forward to the pseudo-independence that the fight of the women before us has given us, this is not a time to sit back. The very situation that is making feminism useful is the one that precludes it from happening. This enables sexism to thrive under the disguise of personal responsibility and free choice while simultaneously making sexism difficult for girls to name.

Fear for earning the socially debilitating label of feminist keeps many women from addressing the oppression they face every day. In some cases, this fear shows up in the form of jokes like “get back in the kitchen” where we are taught to respond, “oh that’s just boys being boys”. The fear of pushing back, being loud and unruly, fear of being labeled the “man hater” or the “bitch”, keeps us quiet. Although there is a promise of a future for young women who will have the freedom to choose, it isn’t something that will come without a fight and through the myth of choice and the push to do everything on your own is what potentially keeps women from success.

For us as a society to move forward we need to drop this “I’m okay, I’m okay” attitude and actually look at what is telling us to think and act like this. This isn’t to say that women today are cultural dupes, but to say that the space between traditional feminism and the post-feminist attitude that prevails online leaves a gaping hole in which women are to develop how they see themselves and the world around them. Highly public confrontations with sexism have poked holes in the individualized game elements of post-feminism; they highlight the contradictory messages about feminism that girls and others must investigate. Although many women are able to recognize sexism in other countries they find it hard at best to recognize it in their own lives. This isn’t to say that women need to victimize themselves. However, to say that women are not oppressed is in fact what is keeping them in the dark.

Sure Barb, maybe you want to be a caregiver while your husband is the breadwinner, but there is a clear distinction between free choice and endless justification. You have free choice to do what you want in life, but more often than not, your decision to stay home with you kids is justification for your husband position as the financial supporter. Sure, this is the practical choice given the wage gap and the way that men are automatically offered higher paying jobs than woman. But it is justification not self-choice, it is oppression not post-feminism that keeps women at home. More women need to be relentless in the fight for equality and more women need to be aware of everyday sexism. More people need to address that even though it may be harder to define, sexism is just as prevalent as ever, and in order to deconstruct these prevailing ideologies, we need to address them, own up to them and best them.

Mic Drop. 🎤


Oh and if this hasn’t fired you up enough, give this page a gander:



The Great Canadian Roadtrip

The Great Canadian Roadtrip

Recently my friends and I drove from Vancouver, British Columbia to St.Catharines, Ontario, a 44 hour drive.

I won’t say that the footage is the best, but it is our journey and it is relatively caught on camera.

Moments to watch for:

  •  Kayla almost getting puked on while whale-watching
  •  Majestic man on the whale-watching boat
  •  Kayla coming out of the pool with water on her face
  •  Kayla attempting to use a roadside port-a-potty


*Credits to all the music we used- Portugal, Trixie Mattel, Kesha, and Clairy Brown.


A Thought on Living in the Moment

Living in the moment can be hard. Especially when we are constantly connected. But today I found myself on a boat in Vancouver, whale-watching and realized “holy shit! I didn’t think I would ever be doing this!” And here I am with my best friends seeing whales. Actual whales. And not to forget that the background is the ocean, mountains and city. It is the most gorgeous landscape I have ever seen and sometimes we forget to take these moments to appreciate what we have and spend way to long attempting to capture that moment for others, that we forget to savior the moment for ourselves. 

This moment has made me greatful, and so glad I came with these people and have the ability to see what we have seen. 

Don’t let yourself spend so much time trying to get the perfect shot, completely forgetting that to take a moment to look for yourself. Without the viewfinder. 

Oh and since I didn’t get one good shot of a whale, here is one our tour guide took:  

Back to School as Told by Dwight Schrute.

Dwight Schrute is my favourite character from NBC’s the Office, and it just happens that his character exemplifies how I feel about going back to school.

So summer is almost over….


…and you have to decide which of your personalities to introduce yourself with.


When your professor starts sending emails before school starts.


When you have to introduce yourself to the class.200_s-4

When you manage to have no 8ams.



When there are sales on school supplies.


When your professor assigns readings assigned before the class starts.


When homecoming is around the corner.


Ignoring your problems like


But overall school means you get to see your friends again.






Good luck! -B.

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream…

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream…

…for ice cream (unless you are dairy free). It is summer, and in the summer many of us like enjoy the occasional cone. And after a few too many trips to the parlour I have realized how predictable flavour choices are to the people who buy them.

A 100%* accurate list of ice cream flavours and the type of person who buys each.

*in my opinion

Bubble Gum/ Cotton Candy: any child, or any adult who doesn’t mind blue teeth.


Image Credit: Whipped Up Whimsy

Maple Pecan: any old person (aka my dad, my grandma). I don’t understand what part of this ice cream they like so much… the artificial maple or the soggy nut-chunks?

Be Whole. Be You.

Moose Tracks: a Canadian classic. the type of person I want to be around (also my favourite).


Cookies and Cream: You know what you like and stick to it.

Healthy Food For Living.

Cookie Dough: an ice cream connoisseur, willing to take risks, as no cookie dough ice cream is alike.


Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate: the ol’ faithful, indecisive fall back. When in doubt, go plain.


Rocky Road/ Heavenly Hash: you are a little nuts, but you have a soft side.


Tiger Tail: I am a lover of all ice creams. That being said, I don’t consider this disgrace an ice cream. So tiger tail is to me what Trump is to the world.

Celebration Generation

Soft Serve: boo, boring. This person either has no teeth or is extremely uninteresting. Exhibit A:


Gelato: oh you are cultured aren’t you.


What type of ice cream do you like?

A Letter to My 17-Year Old Self.

A Letter to My 17-Year Old Self.

At the age of 17 I moved out, went to university and experienced the largest change in my life yet. Now I am 22. And I feel like I have 5 years worth of experience to reflect on.


Dear Brittany,

For starters, Moving out makes you scared and unsure. You are going to university as the next step in your life because you don’t really know what you want to do. And that is okay.

However, you may not like what you thought you did, and you may learn that you did things for the entirely wrong reasons. (Like picking a program because even though you did poorly in it in high school, you really enjoyed it.)

Things aren’t as easy as they are in high school. Your life isn’t mapped out for you and motivation is a process you need to learn.

You will be able to meet lots of people and make many new friends. They won’t all be a good fit, but compared to the small town you are from, it is a lot easier to move around the people you don’t get along with.

OH and money, it may seem like the scholarships are ever flowing, but they are not. So perhaps try and save a bit of money while you are at it. Loans add up, and you don’t want to be the sorry sack of shit (me) that didn’t save a dime for/in school.

Also, parties come and go, you won’t be forgotten because you missed a party and decided to stay in. Nor should you feel left out or regret it. You need to take time to yourself and relax, but also get work done. It won’t do itself and if you are deciding between doing an assignment or going out to the pub, you may be better off at home.

Don’t rush things, your time at school is short and it will fly by, don’t constantly wish yourself to be past this stage of your life because eventually you will find that you wished those years away. University is safe and you should enjoy each step as you are experiencing them. (Live in the moment??)

Overall, despite the unease, you will make your way through school and all you need to do is take a leap of faith and trust that even if your life doesn’t go where you thought it would, you will find your way.

Experiences make you strong, so have no regrets.


Summer School: A Story of Survival

Summer School: A Story of Survival

So you made the decision to take classes through the summer, you figured it would be a great use of time until:

  1. All of your friends are enjoying their summer and you are in a classroom.
  2. Not to mention there is no AC at the school in the summer.
  3. And the classes are accelerated, so you are just trying to make it to the end.
  4. No one wants to be there, so you are all bitter together.
  5. You run out of money, because you are trying to “focus on your school work”.
  6. You spend the dog days inside writing term papers.
  7. You want to do fun things, but deadlines and meetings ruin any chance of that.
  8. You are sad that none of your friends are around on campus, but then turn into Dwight Schrute when the school is all of a sudden busy.tenor.gif
  9. During the school year, you can console yourself with the thought that everyone is in school, then April hits and you tell yourself “at least the high school kids are still in school”. But then July hits and you and your fellow summer school mates are an island. Just hoping someone sees your flares.halp2theremix
  10. For months you tell yourself you will get it all done in the summer..but you don’t.
  11. TBA