Peace Out 2016.

It has been an interesting year. This year:

I moved from a small city to a bigger city and down one flight of stairs to move everything back up two.15822216_10154387482780805_1464519172_n.jpg

My car broke down on the side of a major highway and I had my single major mental breakdown in my car. (no picture, but I am sure you can imagine)

Got stuck in a airport in Florida with my siblings and no way to escape.


Had friends visit from far away.


I made another rotation around the sun, and celebrated with a bomb ass scavenger hunt.


and graduated from my undergrad…and started my masters.


I quit my part-time job.


and did a few too many zodiac sign quizzes.

15801647_10154387483275805_3770316_n.jpgMy online presence took a hit to my physical presence but I am on my way back.


Cheers to 2017, let’s hope it is more promising than this dumpster fire of a year. I look to 2017 like this pretty rainbow over Niagara Falls. See you next year!




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