Life Hacks From A Lazy Girl

I am the most lazy person I have ever met. But that is probably because I am too lazy to look. I believe my laziness has really streamlined my life. I would never do more needed and have found the quickest way to accomplish everything. These life hacks are tried and true, but are also super unnecessary.

Multitasking. and by that I mean check your emails while your on the ‘loo so you don’t have to set aside time later.

“Phone a Friend”. There are certain things in life you probably don’t want to do, but don’t fret! That is what friends are for! Those beautiful idiots are there to help you as long as you help them. So hold the door open for them, and then ask them to do your taxes. #winning

Invite People Over. This works for multiple reasons, first of all you don’t have to get dressed, and second of all you don’t have to leave your house. But you can also ask them to bring snacks (refer to the previous hack).

Dry Shampoo. On the off chance you must leave the house, dry shampoo is a savior. It can add volume to that second day hair, or mask the grease to that “is-it-wet-or-unclean” hair.

Sleep-in. Trick your body into thinking it got more sleep by setting your alarm 10-30 minutes earlier than normal. This way you can fake sleeping in, even though your body almost always through that illusion.

Make your Bed. While you are still inside of it. If your still tired, you can fall back asleep like this, if not, you can shimmy out of your now-made bed and consider your daily workout complete!

Desert Plants. Don’t believe that Buzzfeed bullshit that promotes air plants. Those bastards are over -priced and die quicker than any other plant I have ever had. Instead, buy desert plants like cactus’ they are like 3$ and will almost always survive that week you forgot to water them.

Got anything lazy hacks to share?


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