The Adventures of Retail

Working in retail is the real soul killer of society, you are the friend with weird hours and no benefits but the occasional discount. No one could prepare me for the life lessons I would learn between the sneakers and the slip-ons of the shoe store.

  1. The customer is always right. Except the other 97% of the time when they are wrong.208
  2. Customers question your authority/ knowledge about everything.anigif_enhanced-buzz-15726-1432391033-8
  3. Especially when a customer is asking/complaining about prices. anigif_enhanced-22956-1432319933-11
  4. You can’t stand those classic bad jokes anymore. i.e. “no tag? it must be free! hahaha”anigif_enhanced-32129-1432319015-14
  5. You are barely able to keep your cool when customers come in 10 minutes to open or before close.lange
  6. The holidays are not filled with cheer, they are filled with caffeine and tears.cryi
  7. You know the people who work at the food court/ neighboring stores. maytheodds
  8. Songs played at work are ruined, if they weren’t awful from the beginning. 79929-rebel-wilson-enough-enough-gif-upjk.gif?w=640
  9. Covering a shift for someone and instantly regretting your decision.retail
  10. Your store greeting is forever ingrained in your brain. “hi, how can I help you?”1389833428957

2 thoughts on “The Adventures of Retail

  1. Great post.. I’ve been in retail for five years now and it’s definitely insane but there are good moments. Especially working in retail in Hawaii. You meet son many different people from all over.


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