Summertime: The Bucketlist

Summertime: The Bucketlist

So it is almost officially summer, but my summer is in commence so this week I figured I’d share my goals for the summer. In order to make some good memories to look back on during my exams in the fall..

  • Would love to go somewhere new this somewhere, no where too crazy but maybe  Ottawa or Montreal.
  • I want to conquer the Niagara gorge once and for all with out almost dying.
  • Visit at least 3 beaches, because nothing feels more like summer than taking the afternoon to drive to the beach.
  • Commit to blogging once a week and actually doing it.
  • Trying new things that I have wanted to do: make a terrarium, learn a language, eat healthy (lol.)
  • Upgrade the furniture in my apartment, with paint of course.
  • Visit a winery, I live in the Niagara wine region so I need to take advantage of that and experience the lush life.
  • Go to the drive-in for triple feature Saturdays (and eat loads of popcorn).
  • Try yoga, I want to be the most zen.
  • Have lazy days where I stay home all day and relax with my roommate.
  • Read the books on my list, its vast, but you have to start somewhere.

This summer I will take my extra time to becoming a better me and experiencing all I can over my vacation time while spending quality time with my friends and family. This is probably my last free summer before being done school so I need to make the most of it and experience all I can before September.


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