19 Signs You Grew Up In A Small Town

  1. The local Tim Hortons is the hang out for everyone in town. (Canadian, eh?)
  2. There is that special local lingo that only the people from your small town will understand. Example: “baud.”
  3. You tend to list the next closest city because no one has ever heard of where your from.
  4. The college you went to is three times the size of your town. Or in my case, nine times.
  5. The town fair or parade is a huge deal. And even now you make a special trip home to attend.
  6. You knew your entire graduating class, and you’ve probably known most of them since kindergarten.
  7. You know the local store owners.
  8. You welcome the 30 minute drive it takes to go to the next largest city.
  9. Anything new opening your town is a huge deal.
  10. Your teachers always called you by your older sibling’s name. *And for the last time, my name is Brittany, not Nicole.
  11. You had at least one farm related summer job when you were a teenager because you mom said it “builds character”.
  12. You were stuck behind a tractor at least once a week.
  13. Barn parties were the norm, and the best place to get ~wasted~.
  14. “Hanging out” probably meant driving around blasting music because what else was there to do?
  15. When you are back in town to visit, no one asks you where you live now or what you do because they keep up on every detail of your life thanks to your parents.
  16. Or you haven’t visited but you know exactly what is happening in town, once again thanks to your parents.
  17. And you never do anything bad because you KNOW that everyone knows you and your parents and their phone numbers.
  18. You probably spent half of your life trying escape your small town.
  19. You will always have a soft spot for that teeny tiny place you call home.



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