The 8 Phases of Packing

Obviously by the title of this you could probably guess that I am currently in the process of moving. In theory, moving is an exciting chance to go through all of your things and start fresh. In reality it is a gargantuan pain in the butt that no one has time for. So I have collected my phases of moving to share with you all.

  1. Motivated: It always starts well, by thinking about that cute new downtown apartment you are moving to in a few weeks. This motivation hits you way earlier that you realistically need to start, but  you start packing that first box anyway. Carlton-Dance-GIF11
  2. Purge: The mindset of “everything must go”, but unfortunately this is not a yard sale, and getting rid of things is not as easy as you think it is. Which leads us to.. tumblr_inline_ng8ktbY8NN1qemu9r
  3. Realization: You are moving.  You are leaving your home for a random new apartment that isn’t the same as this apartment. It’s colour scheme is beige, but you love the grey in your apartment. cryinggifs_01_1
  4. Give up: If you stop packing you don’t have to move, right? Wrong. The packing will be waiting for you when you are done binge watching the new season of Kimmy Schmidt.sheldon-throwing-papers-gif
  5. Restart: Reminding yourself that this was your decision. You could have stayed in the apartment you were, but you chose to move into the city. And you should trust your own decisions. 45w
  6. Realization: Mostly happy. A bit sad. You are done your undergrad and it is time to move into a grown up apartment to start your masters. But you have lived in your student apartment for 3 years and don’t know how to part with it.221
  7. Distraction: Reliving all the crazy memories, every hole in the wall and stain on the ceiling that you have lived through with your various roommates. (The good and the bad)212
  8. Repeat: Since you have the attention of a fly, this process will probably have to happy 3-5 times before you have packed your whole place. Remember this when moving again. raisedaroof

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