Oh  hey, hi there! Yes, I am alive, and yes, I will continue to say that every time I get too caught up in netflix to make a blog post. I recently went on vacation with my family to Florida and after arriving back a day late after spending the day in the Orlando airport.


But anyway, back to the focus of this post. I truly love the airport, it is a chance to people watch in a weird global bubble where people are coming and going from places all over the world. However, the airport can be extremely trying at times and so this post is dedicated to just that.
Delays: No matter what class you are, nothing can exempt you from the dreaded delay. Bonus points if you have a connecting flight that you miss or have to run too. However, this can easily be taken as an opportunity for an extended vacation, or at least an afternoon in a city you didn’t expect to hang out in. good for you, ya mighty traveler!

Food: personally, I try not to eat more than a snack at the airport but when you are at the airport for an 11 am flight that gets cancelled, you are slowly pushed to buy an over priced meal that is probably twice what it is worth. *I’ve learned since writing this that Toronto airport has some of the highest taxes on food and purchases, which makes more sense as to why Mc.Don’s dollar menu is creeping upwards of 5$

People: I love people watching (as previously mentioned), but it is particularly confusing why once people enter the airport they tun into haggard beasts with no manners. Like, your flight was delayed 20 minutes, that is no excuse to lay on the floor of the terminal as if the end has come. -and of course as soon as i finished writing this my flight was cancelled and karma kept in Orlando an extra day.

Security: I will never understand this process, it is longer than necessary with people who do not understand what ” empty your pockets” means. This is also the process I find differs the most airport to airport. In Orlando, security is very disorganized and can get out of control. But in Schiphol, security is when you board the plane, which makes for less people but also less chance of missing your flight.

No matter where you are or where you are going , the airport brings exhilaration of an adventure to come that only it can bring. Just know that the airport can come with bumps and isn’t always smooth, but it is always interesting! Happy travels!





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