Transferable Skills: Napping

I decided to do a series on TRANSFERABLE SKILLS. Transferable skills are the skills that you take from job and life experiences to apply to new experiences. I have had the pleasure of working in resume building and interview workshops over the past few weeks. I have been brainstorming my top transferable skills from my personal life and how they can apply to future job interviews. Feel free steal these as necessary.

Prioritize: Know how to prioritize what is most important in life. (1. nap.)


Problem Solving: All problems can be solved by having a nap. Or they are probably so big that you can’t fix them anyways.


Decision Making: All large life decisions are deliberated over a nap. For instance “should I get a corgi?” or “can I live on coffee and cookies?” (The answer to both is no.)


Always Prepared: A nap can make you ready for all social interactions. Except networking. Nothing can prepare you for that.


Hobbies: I invest my time in worthwhile activities. A three hour nap is probably the best way to spend a Friday night. #amiright?


Innovative: I can make any surface into a nap spot. I have napped on everything from the floor to a food tray on a train. #improvisation


Reward Myself: Any small thing deserves a reward and that’s a nap.


Lastly, it might be a stretch but if you need  clown just let me have a 5 hour nap and you’ll have yourself a messy haired freak.




This was not my first post on napping, nor will it be my  last. Because naps are the real MVP’s.


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