12 Days of Christmas (Retail Edition)

12 Days of Christmas (Retail Edition)

And on the 12 days of Christmas the mall gave to me:

12 babies crying.

11 people per shift working.

10 days straight.

9 angry customers.

8 hour days.

7 returns.

6 hours of sleep.

5 mental breakdowns.

4 boxes of cookies.

3 sick employees.

2 smiles.


1 DAY OFF! (Christmas Day)


0 size 9 1/2, black Timberlands (because you are shopping too close to Christmas and we don’t have any left).


Yes, I work retail. And although it is a pretty entertaining job 98% of the year, Christmas proved to bring about the worst in the people.

Be kind to the people who are ringing you through while shopping for Christmas.

Christmas is about giving and although everyone is at the mall to do just that, it seems as though the more love one gives to someone the amount they must taketh from another. Remember that retail employees don’t set the prices of their products and aren’t out to make your life harder than it already is. And yes, lots of people have it a lot worse than working in the mall, but please remember when you are out at the mall shopping Christmas Eve and Boxing Day to show some consideration for those hard at work, serving you to earn their pay. It doesn’t hurt to smile and say “Thank You” or “Have a Good Day”.

Image Credit: www.gsmnation.com



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