10 Ways to Destress

10 Ways to Destress

As you may know, I have been MIA for about 20 days now. Yeah, I’ve been busy, and yes I’m definitely stressed. Not only do I need this but I know everyone begins to get stress this time of year (I work retail, trust me, I KNOW) So I thought I would make a short list of ways to destress…wouldn’t want to stress you out with a long one.

1.Brew your self something warm, whether it be a cup of tea, jo or even creamy hot chocolate. I believe a little caffeine can go a long way. *bonus points if you spike it.


2.Give yourself breaks, especially if your studying. I find giving myself small breaks can help to break up my working session and keep me sane. Every break can be a dance party.


3.Take that break to curl up with a blanket and do something that makes you feel happy. A short binge of Parks and Rec? Watching a holiday movie? Meditating?


4.Nap. (the best way to feel rejuvenated or like you have no idea where or who you are)


5.Do a DIY project. Make a mug or a cute pinterest dream board.


6.Spend time with pets. Or strangers animals. Basically whatever you can to surround yourself with furry-friends.


7. Or you could gather together real friends and do any of the above things.


8.If your feeling introverted, stay in and have some “you” time. Take a bubble bath or order pizza. #treatyoself


9.Remember deep breathes, don’t get caught up in a stressful situation (aka a 40% paper due tomorrow) and forget to breathe.

10.If all else fails, remember that its the HOLIDAYS!!


My best way to stop stressing is to just suppress everything and pretend I have no reason to stress. Then let all the anxiety push me through papers.

*kids, don’t try this at home.

header image via affinityhealth.co.za

gifs via giphy.com


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