20 Things I Learned at 20

20 Things I Learned at 20

You probably don’t know this but this post is my 100th and since I missed my 1 year anniversary of this mess I call a blog, I figured I’d skip a day of travel blogs to bring you something I have been working on for a while. Enjoy. (I hope)

  1. do everything you can while you are young. I’m not saying this as an old person but take those opportunities as they come to you, don’t leave them for later.
  2. Call your parents. They may nag, but they love you and want to hear your alive.
  3. Don’t make yourself busy with unimportant things, you’ll just stress yourself out. Repeat after me, “cleaning is not a valid reason to isolate yourself inside.” OK?
  4. That being said, don’t forget to make time for just you. It is a valid reason to stay in on a Saturday, you do you.
  5. That thing you did in high school that you can’t forget? Yeah, it doesn’t matter. The only one who remembers all of the embarrassing things you do is you, and maybe your best friend.
  6. Keeping a journal is an amazing thing. You don’t realize how much you value moments in time till you have the ability to read back and see exactly how a moment in time made you feel.
  7. Long-distances friendships are weird and can be tough, but they are worth it. Everyone wishes to have someone to send postcards to, and plus there is a certain comfort in knowing there is someone across the world that thinks of you occasionally.
  8. Have a good pair of pj’s. You deserve to sleep in something nice, and if you are like me, spend have your day in.
  9. Learn to manage school/work and your social life. I’m still learning to balance, but I think it is trying that is important. School and work aren’t your life, don’t let them take all of it.
  10. Know your alcohol limit. This goes for everyone- you are old enough to not be a drunk mess every time you drink (its only cool every once in a while).
  11. Traveling can change your life. It sounds extremely cheesy but its actually true. Maybe it’s the patience you learn from the airports or the respect you learn for another country, traveling DOES change you.
  12. Try something new. It’s fulfilling, and every failed attempt is a funny story. For instance, that one time I tried to learn to read tea leaves…. yeah.
  13. Learn to accept a compliment. When someone is trying to show you appreciation take it, say thank you and feel the love!
  14. Find routine in your everyday life. Over the last year I’ve developed a wake up/coffee and chill/ get ready routine that keeps me relatively sane.
  15. Do your work. I say this and literally never do it, but when I am on top of my work my stress level is 0. Plus, school is what you make of it, you may not have to do your readings to pass but your only stunting your own learning.
  16. Learn to laugh at yourself. (and others *kidding*) Does falling in the park/ on the bus/ down stairs suck? ya. but being able to laugh makes it a little less embarrassing. I mean who can laugh at you if you are already laughing at yourself (amiright?)
  17. Find beauty in the worst of times. Is it raining? Jump in a puddle. Is it cold out? great. scarf weather.
  18. Wear comfortable shoes, blisters suck. So does your complaining. So save yourself and anyone around you the hassle and wear something comfy.
  19. Appreciate time. It will go too fast most of the time. You will lose people, pets, things but knowing you appreciated the time you had with them can help you move on.
  20. Let loose, it feels really good to not care about what others think and truly do what you want to do, free of fear of what others will think.

I guess the closer to 21 I get the wiser I feel. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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