Hungover in Heidelberg

Hungover in Heidelberg

Another day, another log.

This morning I woke up hungover and uncomfortable. I slept on a pull out couch in Luiz’s house and honestly…. I have never regretted jeans more.

Once we were up Christina and I got ready and left back for her apartment, I was feeling very sick with the cold I had so when we got back we chilled and ate for a few hours to pass the time.

It became time to get our shit together and actually get ready. The original plan was to meet back with Luiz and his friend Alex and I honestly don’t think we met till close to 3. So, when we made it to the station we grabbed our tickets to go to Heidelberg. Waiting at the station we learned that our train was delayed 5 minutes, but when 5 turned to 40 we asked a German girl what was happening and she told us “kids playing” which I thought was maybe still German because that isn’t a real reason. No it was, kids were fricking playing on train tracks so there were no trains going to Heidelberg (only in Germany). The delay let us meet up with Luiz and Alex. I haven’t mentioned Alex, but he is also goes to my university and was also here for reading week (kinda cool huh?). After 20 minutes we boarded our train and took that, a tram and a bus to get to the center.

2015-10-16 02.06.53 2015-10-16 02.28.35

From there we walked up to the castle where we could get the best vantage point of the city that lies below.If you read my previous entry about Utrecht then you’ll know how strongly I feel about walking up hill or exercise in general. I mean, the view was definitely worth it but the walk there was the worst.

 2015-10-16 02.19.54 2015-10-16 02.41.06

From the top you could see all of beautiful Heidelberg.(Literally all I wrote about the view. Cool.) I mean, it was an amazing view and since it was misty and cold there was no one else there, which was perfect.

2015-10-16 02.51.50 2015-10-16 02.52.20

After touring the castle we took our time exploring around the grounds in what I can assume is off limits. We headed back down and went for food at a restaurant Stephan had recommended to us. It happened to be a falafel place that was situated in a back alley off the main drag. It was kind of scary and exhilarating, but I guess it turned out okay. I mean when you think of Germany you don’t think “man they know their falafel”. The bathroom in the restaurant consisted of the back exit to the restaurant, an outdoor alley, then a tiny bathroom at the end of the alley (IT IS AS SKETCHY AS IT SOUNDS).

2015-10-16 03.35.04

I mean, it mostly sucked because I don’t really like falafel and it made me feel gross and sick. Post-gross meal we walked around the shops to pick up some souvenirs and more pretzels (literally my life blood). We caught the tram back to the train station and trained back to Mannheim. Yeah, a pretty early night but I think all the traveling had start to catch up to me and I was exhausted from doing a lot less.

So after tramming again back to Christina’s we watched netflixed and chilled while I repacked. Christina was falling asleep and I was suddenly wide awake (probably a mix of scary movie and adrenaline). Today was awesome and Heidelberg is gorgeous.

2015-10-17 08.27.06


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