Adventures in Mannheim

Adventures in Mannheim

I’ll preface this day with the fact that I didn’t take one photo. Not one single stinking photo, so I stole some pictures from Christina to give you an idea of what Mannheim looks like. Oké.

This morning was rough, after the night before I was left exhausted and in no mood to do things. Plus Tom gave me the gift of a cold, so I was lucky to have a fever from that (thanks Tom…)

Christina and I got up and had breakfast, I am in love with Christina’s apartment. It is this beautiful white palace with high ceilings and nice wooden floors. for breakfast we had eggs and toast, then we got ready to go to school (Yay for going to school on vacation). We walked along the area and pretty shopping district in Mannheim down to the university which is practically a palace. She helped me find coffee and sat me down somewhere with wifi so she could go to class. while she was gone I caught up on blogs because as previously mentioned I stay about 3-4 days behind.

*a tiny christina in front of her giant school (Credit: Christina F.)

When she returned it was just me, writing alone, everyone having left and the building apparently closing. We left school and went for food, once I had my pretzel and fries (healthy right?) we walked along shopping and looking around. Giving up on shopping we went back to Christina’s to shower and get ready (again) to go to Luiz’s house.

*the water tower on Christina’s walk to school (Credit: Christina F.)

Side note: Luiz is a friend of Christina’s who is also on exchange from Brock. Probably one of the most confident people I have ever met. He’s alright.

On the way over we had to do a bit of grocery shopping (groceries=alcohol). Proceeding to attempt to tram over to his house, screwing up and having to walk back and start again. Once at Luiz’s we met all his roommates, who with Luiz, create this awesome assortment of cool people. There is Lena and Lena, one being the chill, hipster person everyone needs in their life, the other being the funky eccentric girl who has no problem with sarcasm. Then there is Stephan who is this guy who seems very well-traveled and has lots of intriguing things to talk about (because he is extremely smart). Last there is Pascal, who I had heard a ton about and I’m sure I’ll have more to say later, because I met him for like 10 minutes, but he is very thoughtful and doesn’t have a mean thing to say about anyone.

So together with this rag-tag group of German’s and Canadians we sat together and got to know each other while taking shots of Grappa (well they did, I took like 2). It is always really cool to actually interacted with the culture when you go to a different country, it isn’t enough to see the sights, you should really meet the people. Despite their language being a little harsh, these people were so kind and welcoming, I couldn’t have asked for more. Luckily we chilled, hung out and made pizza. Good night.


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