Bridget and Biertje Take on the World

Bridget and Biertje Take on the World

I realized I stopped giving these any preface. Well here is Day 7 of my travel log. I skipped posting yesterday due to work and homework things (and a good binge with my roommates) #sorrynotsorry


Didn’t get up till 12:30 due to last nights activities. I awoke in Demi’s room slightly confused and very lost, of course she had told me not to close the blinds all the way so I could see where I was in the morning, but I didn’t listen and was currently reaping the rewards.

2015-10-13 07.17.44

Demi and I sat downstairs and the huge breakfast she had prepared for us. After that we chatted, watched the news and I helped her with her homework. Or at least I’d like to think I did…

*pray for her grades*

It’s funny because at home I refuse to edit my work, but it is almost calming to editing her work and talk things through with her because things I find very simple are the only parts she doesn’t get. Demi is extremely smart though and as soon as the concept is read to her she could talk circles around me.

By the time we were actually dressed and ready to go it was already close to 5pm. We headed into Nijmegen to do a bit of shopping which ended up walking past all the cute shops in order to get to Primark before it closed. Although not going into any of the cute little shops, the old part of Nijmegen is extremely pretty and inspiring. Definitely a place to visit if you are ever in the Netherlands. Similar to Deventer with its old streets and small shops, Nijmegen’s center has a beautiful old church in the middle and is surrounded by small cafes that are perfect for a chat over coffee.

2015-10-13 01.59.23

But that wasn’t the focus today, Demi and I were on the hunt for Primark. It is this weird 3 level store that is full of clothing and house products. I mean, yes very similar to stores like H&M and Forever 21, but its very cheap, and I like cheap. I had heard only good things (except from Tom, but screw Tom). We spent the next hour shopping through the levels and talking about our love for cheap things. Around 6 we realized that we would probably be late to Tom’s where we were going for supper and the panic started. Demi went back for the car and I went to check lout, which didn’t help that the store was closing so everyone else was also checking out. Post-cehckout left us rushing back to the car she had illegally parked and going straight to Tom’s. For supper Tom made us this amazing pesto chicken (this is here because I know he will read this) and supper progressed with casual conversation about Canada and differences/similarities and such. This is when Tom’s dad Bert went on to ask “so Bridget, tell us a bit about yourself”. I mean, at first I didn’t quite realize he was talking to mean and when I did I laughed because what else does one do when you’ve met someone a few times and they call you the wrong name. Although, it made for a funny story and he is super nice so I’ll let it slide.

After supper and clean up, we all sat down and I was once again reunited with Biertje the cat. My love for cats has become so real here that I honestly am starting to question if I’ll ever get married or if I should just adopt a cat now. Unofrtunately Biertje wouldn’t leave with me so I’m still catless. #foreveralone

Demi and I left to go watch her friend play football (classic Dutch).

  1. It was so damn cold.
  2. the national team was playing for a spot in a tournament that I’m not sure the title of

2015-10-13 15.01.08

We sat inside the club house and watched a bit of both games, but when Demi decided ther was no chance that the Dutch team would win we went out into the cold to watch the other game. It is actually quite interesting how into football people get here. I can imagine this is the equivalent to American football where everyone is really intense and there is a lot of pride in the teams you follow. Because the closest thing we have in Canada is hockey and although I would call myself a fan, I’m no die-hard leafs fan that will stand by them through their many loses.

But back to the current situation, it obviously eventually got too cold to stand outside and we retreated for coffee and to see if any miracles had happened. Ya… they hadn’t. But once the game outside ended, it went from a room with just Demi and I in it to a room full of football players really quickly. All gathered around the TV to see the Netherlands lose to the Czech Republic, tensions were running very high.

Post-defeat, I got to meet Demi’s whose was on the team we were originally there to watch. He was very kind and invited us over to watch more football (NICE!). After a couple of teas at Demi’s (probably around 11pm) we returned to the city and ended up sitting around and chatting while drinking more tea, but probably one of the chillest times I have had yet here. We weren’t rushing or going or drinking, we got to just sit and enjoy each others company which is what I like doing best. this didn’t last too long and Demi and I returned home to get to sleep for our relatively early morning to follow.


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