Survival of the Fittest. German Edition.

This blog post was potentially the hardest to write so far, as today was my final day in Nijmegen.  That realization left me feeling increasingly bummy as the day progressed.

We woke up around 10 and continued our routine of breakfast and news. Demi’s mom was a beautiful peach and drove us into the city so we didn’t have to figure out the bus. We then proceeded directly to our next meal after picking up Tom at a pretty little cafe that served these heaping “toasties” which were a-maz-ing.

20151014_123319 20151014_123328

After that Tom and I walked Demi towards school and broke off to do our own thing. We walked around the church in Grote Market and back down to the oldest shopping street in the Netherlands to do some browsing (Primark no longer a threat to our shopping experience). We wandered around chatting and browsing until we realized I wasn’t buying any of the overpriced and seemingly useless kitchen items, so we headed back to the market. Just as before we sat at a cafe talking about the past few days, life, and when we would meet next. It amazes me that somehow we didn’t run out of things to talk about, but then again most conversation was through inside jokes so there was always another joke to be made.

2015-10-13 22.18.22

*super done with my shit.


At 3:30 we went to catch the buss back to Weurt to have supper with Demi. When we got back I ran up to pack as fast as possible to give myself as much time with them as possible. I finally got the chance to give Tom my gift from Canada, which if you haven’t noticed for other blogs yet, I find extremely uncomfortable, but all was worth it when I got to see the look on his face at what I had brought him.

We shared our last meal together like a little family laughing and chatting. The best comparison we made was to the last supper and apparently I was Judas…k.

After supper the two drove me to the train station and I said goodbye to Demi at the kiss and drive, I had many things I wish I could say to her like because she deserved so much more than thank you. Tom walked me to my train to say goodbye, although it was sad I knew we would all see each other again. I shed a few tears but we left off on a good note, receiving a promise from him of his impending trip to Canada (and I will hold you to that Tom).

Once the train pulled away I was left alone with my luggage, crying in public like a damn fool. Unfortunately, this is the end to the cute story of Nijmegen, and I may have left my sanity there, because the rest of this day is the reason I question why I thought I could travel alone.

SO, in Venlo (one of my 3 transfers) I had 4 minutes to run from platform 4 to 1 whilst dragging my 50 pound suitcase down and up 2 flights of stairs. You could say it was an experience. However I made my train and was on my way to Dussledorf.

side note: German trains- why no wifi?

In Dussledorf I was lucky to have a kind German man help me with my suitcase down the stairs and struggled up to my next platform. However, when I got to the top I found out that my train was 20 minutes late but I refused to carry my suitcase anywhere so I waited those 20 minutes impatiently on the platform. ( I mean, I never said I was a smart traveler…) Once again on the train, the ride allowed me to catch up on writing what I hadn’t already (which was pretty much all of Nijmegen). When I arrived in Frankfurt I realized my train to Mannheim had left without me. This moment is when I was closest to tears, none of the running or dragging my suitcase had phased me till I realized I was stuck there. After arguing with the DB info stand people, I got on another train to Mannheim, but this one was an hour longer than the original was to be. Eventually I made it to Mannheim on an empty train to an empty station. But I was lucky to be met by a panicked Christina who thought I was never getting there. So although this day had been an emotional roller coaster and I was exhausted, I felt like I was finally safe.

We made it to her apartment at 2:15 (2 hours after I should have been there) and caught up about the past couple days since we had seen each other.

Everyone take a sigh of relief, I’m alive.


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