Overtired and Underfed.

We left off around 5 am outside the Nijenhuis’ residence, and here we are today. So clearly I survived.

So today starts off with a super hungover Christina and Brittany, who didn’t go to bed until past 5 in the morning as were originally leaving at 10am. I knew this wouldn’t happen so I messaged our cab driver (Tom) and asked if he could come an hour later. We then continued laying in bed feeling extremely shitty for another hour. One hour became 2 when Tom said he would be there at 12, so we took that as an opportunity to lay in bed for the next 50 minutes and pack for the last 10. “Packing” consisted of me sitting on the floor, throwing things into my suitcase with my eyes closed.

We then sat for our last breakfast with the Nijenhuis and gave our gifts to the family for such an amazing time that they gave us. Tom joined us for family photos on the front porch and another hour of chatting before actually leaving for Nijmegen. This lasted a whole 2 minutes because our presence was requested at the Havercamp so Koen could say goodbye again, which was wildly appreciated.

The next hour was everything I could have ever wished for, one of my favourite things happens to being singing/dancing in the car. Today I was lucky enough to do this with both Tom and Christina, although Christina was more quite and passive due to the hangover. But we jammed to 12 year old Tom’s mixtapes that we were lucky enough to find in the car. (thank god for shitty radio stations) We arrived in Weurt (yes, that’s a town name) and received the official tour from Tom, this consisted of the river, the dyke, the church and Demi’s house. It was extremely hard to take it all in at once. Our last stop was a visit to Tom’s house where we got to meet his family, and by “family” I mostly mean his cats. This is where I discovered my love for beer, well small beer that is. Biertje ❤

October 23 292 October 23 297

Torn from my cat friends, we went into the center for a coffee before taking christina to the train. Although I love a coffee between things, this one left us short for time so we had to speed walk up hill to the train station. I guess its okay because we stopped at KFC so Christina could get herself so dinner. We made it in time and said goodbye so she could get on her train.  It was hard to watch her leave so soon, we had alot to do that I wish she would be a part of.

2015-10-11 00.04.14 20151011_154541

Post-dropping Christina off, we walked this city down to the Waal.The Waal was an important place for the Liberation Route in WW2, actually where Frank Graham, the Canadian veteran whose name we cycled under fought in the war. Tom was a barrel of facts and basically gave me the full war tour of Nijmegen as we walked along.

2015-10-11 01.09.25

Tom and I went to cafe to sit and catch up. Slowly minutes turned to hours and multiple coffees (for me). Conversation consisted of the same nonsense we had been talking about for months but actually in person. It was comfortable and so normal that at points it seemed that the distance didn’t exist.

2015-10-11 02.15.55

We were promised by Demi to meet at the cafe, but because of school she ended up being a few hours late. So we ended up at this weird club/restaurant to meet her for supper. For her it went from 4 to 5 to 6 really fast, and once again Tom and I were left chatting, which I wasn’t complaining about though he may have been. Finally seeing Demi was weird, because I would consider her a close friend but she was one of the people I talked to the least since the trip. It was comfortable too and we were able to pick up right were we left off in May. It helps that she is probably the kindest person I have met (despite some really mean jokes).

2015-10-11 06.07.45

We met some of Demi’s field hockey friends and headed home, the two of us ended up staying up chatting till 1 am, and in the middle driving into the city to meet her friend. When we got home, finally going to bed.


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