And We Danced.

And We Danced.

Woke up at 10 this morning and after breakfast with Tanja and Christina we ended up sitting and chatting till 12:30. It’s always interesting to talk about the trip in the spring with different people, especially now that some time has passed. But we ended up sitting there till our next meal, it was a bit out of hand. Had some traditional Dutch pancakes for lunch, which I’m not a big fan of, but with maple syrup weren’t too bad!

October 23 186 October 23 179

We were then off on our way to Deventer, its not too far by car (thank god for the car though). It was a Saturday so of course it was so busy on the outskirts of the center ( where the parking is). This left us circling like vultures waiting for a parking spot, after finding one we made our attempt at parking and Tanja’s car got stuck in a rut. So naturally, Christina and I got out and pushed the car, probably not the coolest thing I did in Europe, but was definitely memorable for us and the passerbys. AS promised by Tanja’s dad, we were transported into the city by boat. The boat was the cutest but most pointless thing I had ever seen. It gave a really cool view of the city but also was 5 minutes long and there was a bridge like 2 blocks down.

2015-10-09 22.39.36

Once we ended our little boat tour, we got to walk through the city and see all the little shops, which I love. It’s always such a weird thing to see an H&M inside of an old building, but that is how most are here. The city’s center isn’t expanding and no one will tear down the beautiful buildings to build a new sparkling store. So, you are blessed with these old looking buildings with shiny white interiors.

October 23 269 October 23 244

After meeting up with Wilja, another girl from the cycle tour, we started to buckle down in our search for our “needs”. Looking for some cheap “dieka shoes” because I wasn’t down to wear the only pair of sneakers I had brought. Which I ended up finding, literally the most satisfying feeling. Along the way we stopped for a coffee, because could you go a whole trip without a coffee? the answer is no. Our time together was short, but any time with Wilja always makes me happy. She treats me like I am 2 ft tall, granted she is like 6 ft tall though. But she is also one of the sweetest, most humble people I know.

October 23 250

This was the end to our afternoon in Deventer, we then headed back across the river in the little boat, through the packed parking lot to our tiny parking space. (no pushing was needed this time) Once back home we ate supper with the family and went for a nap, which ended up being me laying awake annoying Christina because I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep.

Why was I so excited? Well, Dieka is always a fun and weird experience, but also tonight was the night when I would finally see most of the people from the trip and I couldn’t hold back my excitement.

So around 8 Luuk stopped by to drop off Tom, not staying because he is lame and had other “cooler” places to be. Seeing Tom again was weird, it felt as if no time had gone by, but I had missed him alot. It was also the first time I had both him and Christina in the same room and it was so weird that I still can’t really wrap my head around it. We spent the next while catching up on the last 5 months as if they had never happened. (I mean realistically we talked quite a bit so time wasn’t an issue, only space)

After coffee and chats with Tanja’s family we made our way over to Eppie’s for some pre-drinking action and the promise of an amazing night to come. Here we met our crew for the night: Christina and myself, Tom, Tanja, Bart, Koen, and Christaan. At about 11:30 we made our way over to Dieka, which made for a damn cold ride for October.

Dieka. I wish had taken photos of it because it is the most random place situated in the middle of nowhere near Markelo. It is this huge bar/club made up of several rooms with different music in each. My first visit there was different because I only made it into one room… but this time we took a tour through all the open rooms. A Dutch music room, a pop room, and a house music room, as well as a smoking room which I could have lived without. It didn’t take long to get into the groove of things, it’s quite fun partying when you don’t know anyone, you are basically able to do whatever the hell you want with zero consequences.

As I am writing this I still haven’t wrapped my head around the fact that I had my best friend in the same room as my friends from the Netherlands. Having told her so much about them I can only assume it felt like she already knew them. This was a night that I was sure to never forget. Unless I kept drinking…

At about 4:30 am the bar started to clear out and as I sat waiting to go in the hall of dieka, I was allowed to think and process how lucky I was to be here in this position. Not specifically that drunk at the bar as it closes but to be doing all that in the Netherlands with my friends.

Our bike ride home was less than glamorous with my sloppy Canadian best friend falling multiple times and taking others with her, as well as falling and hitting her head. She is okay but it was an experience. On the other end, I got pulled home by Wilbert when my bike chain fell off and no one felt like fixing it at 5 am.

So yeah, this was a crazy night, but definitely a highlight.


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