Planes, Trains, and Automoblies

^seriously the most fitting title. I just summed up my day in 4 words, you can click off now.

So where were we…. RIGHT- Breakfast…its taking longer than I would have hoped so I am writing to distract myself. As I said yesterday, never in my 5 months did I think I would be flying back to Holland to see all my friends again, so when the plane started to land I actually starting crying (embarassing but true) at the overwhelming thought of seeing all these people again. But emotion was once again replaced by crazy stress when I was left with my grotesque bag and no idea where to go.

A list of things that happened post-flight:

  • didn’t know where the train was
  • or the platform
  • or how to buy a ticket
  • or where I was going
  • being extremely tired and just wanting to sleep

So when I got on the train, I spent the next 2 hours in transit, trying to look casual about my sweaty/ stinky self. Had three transfers, one of which left me with 5 minutes minutes to run from one train to the next ft. the suitcase.

Finally made it to Holten, and had Luuk standing waiting for me. I honestly could have cried ( yes, second time today, but keep in mind I had 3 hours of sleep) It felt like I never left and no time had gone by at all. WE then spent the next hours chatting and catching up over krokets and patat.

After that we made the rounds to Mirjams, any one has read my old posts know who Mirjam is but if you are new- welcome! Anyways Mirjam is the host mother my mom had when staying in the Netherlands and is honestly the nicest person I have been blessed to be around, she is always quick to offer and never leaves me needing anything.While there I was offered a drink, a meal, a shower, etc.

After Tanja came and we spent the evening with her family eating and chatting as well as doing a bit of homework. But honestly mostly napping on their couch haha. At midnight Tanja’s father and I went to retrieve Christina from the train station. AND IT WAS SO DANG EXCITING! WE ARE FINALLY TOGETHER! So lets end today on the high of my reuniting with Christina. Vaarwel.


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