My Version of Productivity

I am actually so nervous writing this. (Starting on a strong note)


Day 1 starts at 4 because before that all there was to say is a lot about class and school work and last minute packing. So at 4 Coleman and I were off to the airport and despite my excitement I would have mini-breakdowns about the many uncertainties of traveling alone. By the time we arrived I was a nervous wreck, literally going through baggage check and security with my hands shaking and clammy like I had something to hide.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the airport, there is so much excitement and seeing the looks of actual bewilderment at the thought of seeing a loved one or a new place is the best. This time obviously made better by the fact that I was doing both. All of the light stuff aside, I hate flying, which mixed with the fact that I was doing it alone so much worse. Once Coleman left I was left to face the situation, I was doing this alone and I am going to kill it. Made it through baggage 1 kg over weight with no fines and through security forgetting to remove my liquids and them waving me through. (Great security Toronto…)

After the stress of security came the relaxation of pre-boarding shopping. Picked up some snacks to help eat the time away and the found a place to sent up camp and charge my things. Just as last time, I left for this trip having not seen my parents, which as much as they will say they are stressed, I am still stressed more. It is a very unsettling feeling to leave the country without having seen the people who care about you the most. So I spent the rest of my wait skyping with them and my roommates (because those 20 minutes apart really killed us). Of course all of this is happening despite knowing I have a pile of homework to do while I am gone and the first of which being due at the time this is up.

So once boarded I had taken my gravol and tried to sleep, but since I couldn’t I wrote down all of my current feelings:

  • been exactly 6 months since I left the Netherlands
  • excitement
  • seeing my bestie after 2 months
  • seeing all the friends I made on the FGCLT that I honestly thought I would never see again

Back to the present struggle though, since the flight was only about half booked, boarding took relatively no time, and at first I was pumped, I had a window seat on the wing which would make for some pretty cool pictures later *** look at the end for those cool pictures

But as I had told my family and friends I had sincerely hoped to be seated with a friendly old couple who would chat with me and ask why I was traveling and care just a bit too much about a stranger. So when the cute/old/ nice couple that I had dreamed about was behind me in line I was getting a bit too excited, only to find that they got seated in front of me and I was left with the Dutch version of Denny from Grey’s Anatomy. Yes he was cute and yes he was definitely old enough to be my father (ew.) But Dutch-dad wasn’t having the cute old couple fully reclining their seats so he went to another empty seat and left me with two adjoining seats to cocoon myself in. šŸ™Œ #blessed

The actual flight was above average (still not sure what a “good” flight is or if it even exists.) I slept for 3 or 4 hours and fidgeted between TV shows, movies and the map screen for the rest.

Coming to an end on day one with some pictures of the coolest sunrise I have ever seen from my window. It was breathtaking to watch. But breakfast is coming and the sun is rising so I guess the rest is for day 2!

DSC_2284 DSC_2281


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