This post is dedicated to the tree in the park that is leading the pack and turning yellow, you do you boo.


So, on that note, this post is clearly about fall and how much I love it. Let me set the scene: while writing this post I am drinking a pumpkin chai tea in a “harvest apple” David’s Tea mug and while a sweater weather candle. How Festive.
I mean clearly in the past I have shown my hatred for the other seasons (both Winter and summer) because there is only one season that I truly love, and it’s fall. I mean… I don’t hate spring, but I don’t like it either, its that person who is always late to the party, the one your waiting for to bring the ice.

I really don’t like the pumpkin spice latte, it’s so sweet and doesn’t really taste like pumpkin or pumpkin pie tbh. However I thoroughly enjoy carving pumpkins. It’s cold, and pumpkins are hard to carve, but when my family and the neighbours get together for our annual pumpkin carving night there’s always lots of laughs and roasted pumpkin seeds courtesy of my mom.

(I’m starting to realize a lot of these favourites will be more nostalgic then anything)
Although I don’t understand what “leaves” smell like, aside from damn oxygen, I do enjoy a leaves scented candle. It’s woodsy and warm but not too manly. But put me outside in the leaves, and the fresh air would probably kill me.

Apple picking, jam making and turkey eating are all amazing fall activities, although I haven’t done all of them, I believe I would like it. Apple picking gives me that connection to nature I otherwise do have but so badly need.

And if you don’t think fall music is the best music your wrong, fall seems to bring about a calmer cooler sound that is very relaxing. Here’s my fall playlist from last year, it really hasn’t changed at all.

In general i have never loved the full exposure that comes with summer, neither the weather, its too hot and sticky. Fall provides me with an opportunity to bundle up in layers and wear hats and pants without sweating. Which brings about a whole other topic: fall fashion is the best, think jewel tones and sweaters, also lots of black. I really like things that are not in any way form fitting and make my sex comfort always comes first.

Fall also brings around annual “eat yourself sick day” more commonly known as the “day-after-Halloween-when-candy-is-50%-off” it’s my favourite holiday.
We are also blessed with many great fall specials and movies for the perfect night in, if you haven’t seen Halloweentown and Twitches, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?!

And even though this year I don’t get to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family, I’ll take the time to appreciate my Fall blessings now.



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