Freshman vs. Seniors

For those of you who don’t know, I’m officially a senior. I know what your thinking: “how did this dumbie make it through 3 years of university?”… and trust me, I ask myself that everyday. But this post isn’t about me, it’s about the thousands of freshman who just started at my university that I have had the inconvenience of meeting over the past days.

The following is a compilation of things that the past six days of being a senior have shown me about the passage of time and the difference between first and fourth year.

First year: Dressed to the nine’s to go to a lecture


Fourth year: If I make to class that’s good enough.

First year: Marks don’t matter C’s get degrees!!


Fourth year: I need a 75 in my classes to not make the last 3 years a complete waste.


First year: Midterms are the first real challenge, which most don’t care about.


Fourth year: Still completely unprepared for the array of midterm papers that are presented to me.


First year: Exams are the most stressful thing you will ever write…


Fourth year: …until now.


First year: Fall reading week means getting drunk with people from high school.


Fourth year: Peaces and goes to Europe.


First year: You have osap, money saved from summer, grant money, etc…


Fourth year: “can I sell my arm to pay for my next shopping spree?”


First year: Speaking in class gave you social anxiety you never knew you had.


Fourth year: You own that seminar because there’s only 4 people and you know all of them.


First year: “I can miss one class”


Fourth year: Life depends on you attending that 8 am lecture.


First year: When you go home you spend all your time with friends.


Fourth year: Time is spent scavenging for things.


But all in all, I would never trade my three years of experience and suffering to go back to first year, even if the exams were easier.


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