Oh Hey There.


In a mere 34 days, I will be doing a German/Dutch trip part 2!

My friend Christina has bravely left for Mannheim for an entire semester, so as her best friend, it is my job to use this as an excuse to travel and visit her. But instead of going to just see her we will do a bit of traveling with the help of my friends in the Netherlands to go and visit with them and seeing some new things along the way.

What this means for my blog you may ask…. another travel series!

Hopefully this one won’t end half way through with my phone being stolen (but truthfully, who would steal a blackberry?)

So as of now, I’ll outline a preliminary itinerary of my trippy-trip.

Me and Christina will be meeting in Amsterdam and traveling to Markelo for 3 days, where we will go to DIEKA! ( click here if you don’t remember what happened at Dieka: https://skippingbreakfast.wordpress.com/2015/05/11/day-13/ )

We will also be seeing the Holten Canadian war cemetery, perhaps the Grolsch factory in Enscede and the inside of my favourite two bars.

From Markelo we will travel to Nijemgen where we will spend 3 days with cyclists from the tour! I haven’t planned a whole lot in Nijemgen because I’ve never been there. So hopefully Demi and Tom can show us the way. I will then travel to Mannheim to meet back up with Christina and spend my last days seeing all the sights that Mannheim has to offer.

Then I will travel back and go back to school and start the whole “post-trip-depression-is-too-real” thing again. I’m not the only one documenting this trip, Christina will be as well on her blog (link below) make sure to give it a look.


Hopefully I can add more details soon, but for now that’s all, so until next time.



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