12 Things in My Room

I like my room a lot. So in my “am I a hoarder” state I figured I would show ya’ll some things in my room and try and write something about why it is important.

Stolen Sign
A Piece of memorabilia from my days at good ol’ camp Kenesserie. I’m not sure which is worse about this sign, that it makes me a thief or that it makes me a hoarder of useless things.

Art Wall
Every single things on this wall is crooked but all together it makes me very happy. Why fix things that are not broken.

Daily Journal
My friend and I bought these together and I have been successful in writing a little sentence everyday.

Pixar Lamp
It’s not actually, but it is definitely Ikea’s version of the little lamp that bounces on the letters.. I like this lamp a lot.
Plants (real and fake)
Helping with oxygen & aesthetic, mostly aesthetic. About half of my plants are fake and the other half are barely alive. I definitely don’t have a green thumb, more of a brown thumb.
ALL THE FIRE. Except not currently… because the one thing my room doesn’t have is a lighter. Cool

It gets its occasional use when I decide to serenade (torture) the neighbors. SUCH a virtuoso.

Dog Tape Dispenser
Aside from the fact that this is dope AF, it is also practical. But practicality is hindered by it holding pink washi tape that I rarely use.
IMG_1340 (1)

A little Deika elephant and drink coupon.
Got my little shrine to the Dieka. It is this huge bar in the Netherlands and I loved it so much I keep my little mems on display.
I have had this print for almost a year, and still have no idea what it is. Despite how creepy it is I find it slightly inspired by it. Plus it was $5 and I hardly ever get nightmares anymore.
Glitter Desk
I redid the top of this desk sometime last year. It really has no purpose in my room since I do all of my work from my bed cocoon. It adds sparkle to my room and who doesn’t want that?
IMG_1347 (1)
Jar of Moments
Yes, it IS less than half full… probably because I rarely remember to put anything in it. not that I have nothing to add.
IMG_1355 (1)

On my next episode of “things in my room”: the over-sized pile of clothes in my closet.


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