Dealing With Hate.

You are probably wondering what I could possibly have to say about haters with my 80 followers who are mostly family….but apparently I have a lot to say, about 800 words, so here it goes.

This is once again another post I wasn’t going to make, I have been thinking of the right words to say for a few days now and nothing really is put into coherent sentences. I have been writing this blog for almost a year now, and as it is mostly my friends and family who read it, all the criticism I receive is usually in conversation with those people. However a few days ago I had an article posted in my local paper, where I did the same format writing that I do here on the topic of going out in the city. It was a piece I put more effort into than my entire last year on this blog. I had 4 people edit the piece for grammatical errors (pretty self-explanatory if you have read anything else I have written). Writing isn’t my top skill.

I have since had direct emails and comments on the newspapers website saying that I am stupid, or that my grammar is bad or that “my school has many smart students, how did they find this girl”. This has been multiple days of me thinking and re-thinking about this. Because in my head a lot of this isn’t my fault. (yeah that sounds really bad)

1. The topic was given to me by the newspaper and I was also given an angle to go at it from. To me, I did what i was asked to do and I did in a way that I thought was intriguing, funny and in the style of a blog post.

2. I don’t think people realize what it means to tell a writer they have bad grammar, on my own self regulated website, I understand people telling me I should use more periods and spell things correctly, but this piece wasn’t merely edited by myself (because we see how that goes), it was also edited by the paper themselves.

3. I never claimed to be a professional writer nor did I claim to be writing to represent the student body, I am merely a student who writes a blog, saw the opportunity to do what I do here and took it. Apparently having the word “student” next to an article automatically means that the piece was to be written academically, which it wasn’t.

4. Lastly, I do think that a lot of the hate that I am receiving could be aimed at the paper itself, for allowing such stupid journalism to be published. Which I can understand because I also agree that I don’t like fluff pieces in the news, tell me whats happening, if I wanted a blog post I would go get it. However, the NEWSPAPER asked me to write for them, THEY said they liked the piece and THEY chose to publish it. It was not me on my own posting it like I do here so the response makes me feel extremely uncomfortable, as if I should be saying sorry for having my article published.

I do want to move on with my life and not feel hindered by hateful comments, however if someone commented on my blog I would attempt to start a conversation and make it productive criticism. That is the difference between WordPress and Facebook. I am expected to not comment back on the negative feedback my article receives but to sit back and watch people join together in a conversation about how much they dislike it. As a whole, the comments left were not helpful anyways, so I am left baffled as to why they thought that writing a nasty comment on a Facebook article actually astounds me.

I have never thought of myself as a strong writer, doing this blog merely because I enjoy sharing my ideas and getting feedback. But to be put in the position of a professional writer was never something I had imagined for myself, and it is as clear as ever that my hobby should stay a hobby.

To be completely honest, I have been told time and time again to ignore the hate, just as I have told others. However, to ignore the stupid unproductive comments on my article has made me lose all confidence in my writing and make me feel like the smallest/stupidest person in the world. I have never masqueraded as a professional writer, I am a blogger at heart just wanted to share what my feelings and read others.

Basically my final thought is that one negative comment took away from all the happy and positive comments that the article got which sucks, but it’s hard to think something is good when people are calling the article bad and the writer stupid.

P.S. Not that I think that the people who leave mean comments on things read my blog, I assume you are all as passive aggressive as I am.

Perhaps leave a comment if you have ever felt like this too.


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