This post is not for me, because if it were me I would never talk about this topic on my blog . Instead this post is for my parents and siblings because I’m hoping that through this post and through my words they can feel a sense of relief and closure that I am getting from writing this post.

I knew this day would come eventually when in February my mom took our family dog to the vet and found out that she has a degenerative joint problem that would continue to escalate and worsen over time. Upon hearing this mom wanted to put her down, because she was her baby and no one wants to see their baby in pain, however ultimately the family decided to wait until she was in pain to actually put her down.

From here on out life became a waiting game, every week my mom took Molly to London to receive special electrode-therapy treatments. Molly was on pain meds and she was no longer allowed to go on the walks she once loved. But The next problem was that when Molly and our other dog Lucie would go outside together they would run away, often to see dogs that lived down the road from us, who could blame them. So at home we were only ever allowed to put one dog out at a time. This happened for the last time last night, Molly and Lucie went out together and ran away, when they returned Molly would no longer walk because she was in pain. Yes, my mother could take her to London for another treatment but that was only going to prolong an inevitable day, and at this point it wasn’t fair to Molly.

I received the call at 11;30 that in an hour, my mom and sister would take Molly to the vet to have her put down. It feels awful not being there, knowing she is going into a place she is scared of to lay on a cold table and never wake up. My only wish is that she is surrounded by her toys and her blankie and she has my family around to pet her and tell her its okay. I’m glad that she will never have to suffer or wait for another treatment again. I hope that when she has left this world my family feels a weight lifted from them and they can feel at ease that she is better now than she was a few hours ago.

People underestimate what a dog means to you. She was more than a family pet, she was our best friend. And I know that everyone thinks this about their dog, but I genuinely feel that Molly had the ability to brighten peoples lives, especially mine.

I don’t know who will greet me at the door wuth a wagging tail and cry because she missed me. Or what I will do without her sloppy morning kisses. She was my body pillow when I slept at night and someone to hug when I needed it most. She will always be in my heart, I love her forever and never forget her. Here’s to the memories we shared.




3 thoughts on “Molly.

  1. So sorry for your family’s loss. It is very hard to let go of our furry family members, but we always have them in our hearts. We had to say goodbye to our grand dog last week who was suffering with a great deal of pain.


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