Take a Moment

Too often in today’s society, technology moves us so quickly that we miss things, people and opportunities. We forget to take in what we see and forget to experience things for ourselves, instead letting people on social media tell us how to feel about what we have seen. Their “likes” adding to the beauty and a lack of response creating a personal panic.


Above is one of my favourite places on earth – the Quarry, with every visit an entirely new experience. Every time I come I find myself noticing new things about the park itself and the city I have lived in for the past 3 years. From here you can see everything: Toronto, Brock University, the canal, the church near my house and the mist rising off Niagara Falls.

It is these things that are the most overlooked in our attempts to document everything, we miss things. Just like these pictures, only one part is in focus sacrificing the fore or background. Always sacrificing the beautiful sky or the vast landscape, never capturing both.


In our attempt to share we are faced with a conflict of ourselves getting a full experience or only having half the experience in order to share it with others. It is up to you to chose 100% or a mere 50%. Whether you will allow yourself to live your life to the fullest or allow others to live vicariously through you and both only getting a shred of the moment.

So take a moment, for yourself, allow yourself to completely take in an experience before taking pictures you’ll be amazed what you’ll see.


In this moment it seems as though I can see forever, there is a cool breeze, there birds that are chirping, in this effort to share what makes me happy I lose a bit of that, not paying attention and experiencing life through the camera app on my phone isn’t the same as living this experience for myself.

If I could give any advice on traveling, it would be that as nice as it is to document what you see, sometimes you have to take life as it comes and enjoy the sights rather than thinking about how you have to show people back home or what filter you should use. Take this moment for yourself, you are there and in that moment you will be able to tell people what it was like, whereas if you are seeing it through the lens of your camera you may forget the story and only have the photos as proof that you even went there.

Sometimes you have to take a moment.



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