10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

1. I love sour candies.  (sour keys, sour patch kids, war heads)

2. Ed Sheeran’s plus album makes me cry, no matter what mood I am in.

3. I thoroughly enjoy scary movies, the thrill of being scared keeps me coming back.

4. I dislike kids. They are rowdy, they smell, I think I have hated them since I was one.
*actual re-creation of me to the other kids

5. I will protect my friends through anything, because they are extremely important to me.

6. However, I’m not an emotional person, people don’t often come to me for a shoulder to cry on unless they want a concrete shoulder with a dead impression on her face.

7. I really don’t like being touched, it makes me self-conscious.

8. I have wanted to be a million different things including an artist and a historian.

9. I have been afraid of the dark since I was a kid, despite #3.

10. If I like a song I will play it like a top 40’s station till I hate it.

Glad we did this.


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