Bad Friends

I promised myself I would never make this post because it would be extremely harsh and probably make some people mad at me. However, recently I have really started to appreciate the good friends I have in my life, that being said it is been my task to weed out my bad friends while I am at it. This post started months ago and I have now complied a list of ways to know you are in a bad friendship through the (real) events that have happened to me. This post isn’t to say I don’t have any good friends but I have definitely had my fair share of bad ones.
1. your house is only a prep site before they go to see their current slice. (and not pizza slice)

2. they get mad at you for wanting to see them (???)

3. your close friend that messages you while your abroad to complain and didn’t know you were abroad.     she clearly didn’t read my blog post….

4. when they fail to message you back/ contact you AT ALL then claim that they just don’t like texting…    ahh that explains the overall lack of contact…

5. they go for the same guy as you even though they are interested in someone else

6. they make you feel dumb/small- you shouldn’t feel that way

7. this one is superficial but it comes in two parts:
a. always asks you to take their picture with all your friends but never wants one with you or you in the group picture
b. very worried about their online presence so they don’t post any pictures with you
“we just aren’t those friends” “the friends who have factual evidence that we are friends??

8. makes comments about your weight or appearance that go too far

9. use you for your car.

I must stop because I am starting to get angry for revenge and that could be dangerous.
In the end there is only one way to deal with these friends…
burn their house down.

… find better friends.


2 thoughts on “Bad Friends

  1. Another thing – gets mad at you for not wanting to see them. I think true friends respect that you need space, you’re tired or you’ve got a lot of shit going on at home that’s driving you insane, etc etc etc. Whatever it is, they respect YOU and your time.


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