Day 19

Day 19

Woke up at 9, I think still drunk, starting packing my bags to find out that I am 3kg over πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ so I started rearranging and ended up settling that I had to remove a few things. I mean worst comes to worst I have to hip stuff home, which isn’t great but I can manage. Went down and had coffee with my host family one last time, using bed their guest book and left a Canadian flag pin on the pin board, I have honestly never met a more generous people these people took me in fed me and brought me around for 10 days, I hope they can come to Canada so I can return the generosity. After that we left with all of my bags to the Havercamp where the bus was loaded and a teary eyed goodbye was said, I already miss everyone and it has only be minutes since I seen them.
The group of cyclists and pipers traveled to the airport together, which wasn’t uninteresting, it mostly consisted of talking about all the good things that happened over the last couple weeks. Dealt with check-in and having to check a second bag, which normally wouldn’t stress me out, but we didn’t have a lot of time so I was panicking a bit at having to go to a separate line to pay for my luggage and wait in the long-ass line to check-in. Walked to our terminal dropped out carry-ons with barley and went for McD’s, there I had my last stroopwafel mcflurry in the Netherlands :'(. We walked back to the terminal sat with our stuff and waited to go through security which is at the plane (weird). Once we got through security we found a seat and watched summer heights high. I cannot begin to explain this show so your going to have to google it, but it is amazing and all of the girls like it so I know I am with good people.
After that we boarded the plane and waited for takeoff.
This plane ride was a lot different then the way there for one we weren’t going somewhere exciting, just home. Two, it was daylight the entire time which made it really hard to sleep. I slept for the first half hour which meant that I missed the first snack and drink coming around. We had a really good meal on the plane with butter chicken. Then I woke up and watched bits and pieces of like 4 different movies. With about 1 1/2 to go Ally and I got chatting about the trip and ended up talking until we landed. Eventually Hannah joined in and we had a sort of debrief about the trip. My ear popped on the planed and didn’t actually un-pop until I wen to sleep that night. After that was a series of boring things like customs, bleh. Then I seen Coleman, who had now driven twice to the airport to pick me up and the trip was over, although I missed him a lot and have so much to tell him, I also can’t begin to understand that this meant that my trip was over officially and I was going to have to return to the everyday and start work. I could go on from there and talk about seeing my roommates but at this point I have covered everything that is of interest to anyone that wouldn’t just be repeating everything I have told you for the last 19 blog posts. It has been an amazing journey and prepare yourselves for the grand finale which will get posted as soon as I write it!
until next time.


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