Day 18

Day 18

Today was our last day in Markelo. (crying) Got up at 9 am this morning and starting packing, I packed my checked luggage and headed into Markelo, this was after the stress of not knowing how to make everything fit and realizing I hadn’t bought anything for anyone. Went to meet Tanja, Kristin, Ellen and Keon at Tanja’s and head out for some shopping, this ended with just Kristin and I when Ellen found out she had left here phone with the bus driver.
My bike ride there: in the first photo shows how until the tree at the upper right side, the ride is all uphill, then once you pass that it is all downhill to Markelo which you can see in the second photo.

Went shopping in the town to pick up some last minute things: basically grocery shopping (stroopwafel, candy, mints, alcohol) and some souvenirs. We then met up with Tanja and Justin (who was sitting alone at Eppie’s, which was closed) and after trying Eppies and the Havercamp and both being closed we had patat and krokets at a snack bar. After that we went to Mirjam’s and went shopping for my mom, where I spent the afternoon with Brenda, Connie, Mirjam Laura and Dottie, picking out nice things for my mom and sending her pictures. It is funny because when my mom was in Markelo this is where she stayed so it was like being with this weird family of people from the tour and pipers and Dutch people to find things for mom. The afternoon was spent with these ladies and a few of their husbands who joined for a drink or two. I was invited to stay for supper which made everything more convenient since I was going to have to bike back to Touw’s and then back to Markelo. So sat with Mirjam for the afternoon and wrote my postcards home (oops).
After cleaning up went back to Tanya’s to get ready for Havercamp, when I looked good we went and got coins
The emotions sent in when I got there, I couldn’t even look at my new friends with out remembering that I won’t be seeing them everyday through all the speeches I just couldn’t stop thinking about how much I would
miss everyone. After that it got bad, I kept crying which made others cry and it was a mess, especially when it got so bad that I removed myself and it became a weird group hug with me Tom, Ally, and Justin Ellery, I was really drunk and clearly they were too, but I just couldn’t handle the emotion.
Overall feelings about the farewell party- many tears, lots of hugs from Tom, lipstick on everyone, Janice grabbing the mic Kayne style, the rowing song, tequila shots and dancing. Also staying at the Havercamp for an hour after getting kicked out after being left by Suus, saying goodbye to Frank and Bert and Richard. Dottie calling Keon “coin” after spending 20 days with him.


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