Day 16

Day 16

Today is set to be a huge day, we are going to Holten where the Prime Minister will be attending and giving a speech in front of some 2000 people and multiple TV outlets. Naturally this is the day I wake up sick.
We were to be up and downstairs by 7:45 eat and leave. We were to be at the Havercamp at 8:30 so we could be at the cemetery by 8:45 and get our seats. So from there we literally just sat there until 11, which included being rained on. I slept on and off for the entire waiting period, hoping to sleep off the sickness. Then we had a good 2 1/2 hour long ceremony that was read in 3 different languages (Dutch, English and French) which included speeches from Stephan Harper, school children, and Gert-Jan (who is the coordinator of our trip).
(not sure what I was taking this of, but shows the scale of the event)
(I couldn’t go this whole blogging thing without a picture of the “lamp crew” who made sure that it was always burning)
After which we waited outside for a good hour for the bus to come pick us up, traffic was crazy here with tour buses so our bus took a while. Once getting on the bus I immediately passed out, which turned out to be the best thing to do, seeing as it took us 1 1/2 to go from Holten to Markelo which takes 10 minutes. We then got back to the Havercamp for lunch which was Dutch pancakes, the only difference from the ones I’m used to were that they are a lot thinner and the texture of crepes (kind of slimy) and these pancakes had bacon in them so they were amazing. After that I found a nice place out of the way to lay down and have a nap. We then moved from the Havercamp to a cemetery in town where we held a ceremony for the 17 pilots who crash landed in Markelo during WW2, one of which was a relative of one man present. After this Suus and I called her mom to have her come pick us up for down time. When we got back I went right up to my bed and slept for the next 2 hours or so. Despite my hosts family asking me to just stay home I joined the rest for the 2&3 ceremonies of the day. The first was in Markelo which included the towns mayor and our cyclists laying wreaths at a monument in town. The third was after a silent walk from that monument to a monument at the top of the hill outside Markelo. this ceremony was much larger and included 18 wreathes to be placed at this monument, the pipe bands, a local choir and a local band.


We had another moment of silence for Remembrance Day and the bells chimed till exactly 8pm then another moment of silence after. We then returned for a drink on the patio at Eppie’s which turned into a funny girls night with Ally, Ellen, Jenny, and Hannah. Overall a pretty solid day of sleeping, I went to 3 ceremonies and was only conscious for 1 1/2 of them.


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