Day 15

Day 15

Today we were up at 8:30 to go to church when I got there I was greeted by my best friend Tom who sat with me in the church service and told me how much I smelt like cigarettes from the night before. Between him and Maaike church became less of a snooze fest, it was mostly Dutch so I was lost but the two of them would make it entertaining. Especially when the two of them would sing the hymns in Dutch really exaggerated or out of tune. Oh Luke was also quite entertaining, he was half asleep the entire service in the praying position which was hilarious. I don’t normally go to church which is why this wasn’t a serious thing for me. After we watched people fall asleep through the entire service we went for coffee and cake across the street where the Allison’s who had skipped church for Dieka reasons joined us. Once tea time was over we were asked to go to the Havercamp and prepare for roadbowling. Kristen and I tried to ride a bike together which went horribly wrong (see action shots below).

At the Havercamp we sat and drank a couple beers through the afternoon since it literally taking this group hours to get organized, and it did. It was raining but still we set out for road bowling. Roadbowling is a game of who can throw the ball the farthest in the least amount of turns. You play in teams so there was my team “Vaginas +1” which consisted of Allison, Allison, Kristen, Ellen, Catelyn, Justin and I who played against a team of older people from the pipeband. Each of your team members takes a turn throwing the ball down the road and sabotaging the other team by standing in their balls way). We ended our game at a forest where we visited an underground hide out for a Jewish family during WW2 that they stayed in for 2 years, it was a small square that held 6 people and a baby.

After a ceremony in the rain there we continued on through the rain, had a shot to keep us going and moved to our BBQ which was at an outdoor park in the country, there we met with the pipe band, our host families and held our last ceremony where the speed skater Moniek Kleinsman gave us metals of honour and a certificate for being an ambassador of freedom.
After that we drank and talked and celebrated our accomplishments which are mostly that we survived all the way from Poland through Germany and back to the Netherlands with only minor bumps and bruises. We went through the darkest places together as strangers and came out as best friends, I honestly don’t know how to go back home now and not feel like a piece of me was left in Markelo. And not just in Markelo but with each and every one of the cyclists. I truly hope the same way because I won’t return the same person I left as. So while having this realization, most of the cyclists dispersed and I was left with my host family and some of the pipe band members. It turned into a party for old people with Tijn on the turntables (honestly the weirdest thing to watch). Around 11 Suus, her mom and I left for home, and just like the other nights went straight to bed.


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