Day 14

Day 14

Got up early today and began the unpacking process. Struggled to be ready for 10 when Wendy picked me up from my house to head to Amsterdam. With Allison and Allison, Ellen and Kristen we head to Holten to catch the train into Amsterdam. Me without a phone when someone wants my something:
When we got there we immediately walked over to the Apple Store across from the train station where I picked up my iPod. Instantly made today an amazing day because I could finally come back into contact with the outside world. We walked along the canals went to a cheese museum and looked at going to the Anne frank house which had a 5 hour wait so we threw that out the window and went shopping.





Had lunch at La Palace and shopped along the strip in pull and bear, which is a store I realized that I loved on my trip to Spain so I was more than happy to spend some money there. Picked up a few things nothing too exciting, left there and continued walking around, we went to a small market and looked around. Went back to the square to let Allison get Birkenstocks then had to head back to Markelo. Although I didn’t write in much detail this was a full afternoon, a lot of walking and a lot of training. The train ride was like an hour and a half with multiple changes. We met up with Justin, Justin and Stefan on the train and continued on getting to share our days with each other. When we got back Wendy took me home where I picked up some things and headed to her house to get ready for Dieka. Which was a whirlwind because I walked in the door dropped my stuff from the day repacked and only brought what I needed. Well Allison and I got times wrong and didn’t have time to get ready before meeting Catelyn so we biked over to the Havercamp and while having a couple drinks we took turns getting ready in the bathrooms, which was hard because people kept coming in and making me feel very uncomfortable. We then biked over to Wilbert and Tanya’s grandparents where Wilbert has this entire bar in his grand parents barn.

Multiple drinks later we made our way to Dieka at like 12:30. I know your probably thinking, what the heck is Dieka? Dieka is an interesting place, there are like 1000 people in 6 rooms, people bus there from other countries, but it is randomly placed out in the country. I love it. We got there, got drink coupons and got dancing. It was an amazing night, the mood was good and everyone was there to have a good time, after venturing through all of the rooms and it being like 4 am I decided it was time to find Suus and start our bike home since we live farther than everyone else. Aside from being groped on the dance floor and potentially falling in puke, it was an amazing night.
We biked home and made it there at 4:15 with no falls off the bikes. Will report back how the next morning feels.


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