Day 13

Day 13

“Life is an uphill battle, and downhill is cobblestone”

Today was the last day of the cycle tour, it started off as most do, really hungover and tired. The first thing I heard after my 8am wake up was Dottie telling me that I look awful in the morning, thanks for the support Dottie. We had breakfast, packed and cleaned to leave by 10am on the bus. When we left I finally found my coat which had been MIA since the 28th. We bussed to a WW2 museum where we got off and had a catered lunch there. After that Allison and I started wandering around, we were in a artillery room when a little old man who I assume worked there told us to watch this film, and that was all he told us. So the two of us and Jarno went to watch this film and were terrified to find out the film was done to recreate the Allied landing on Normandy Beach, it was interactive and the floor shoot as if a bomb had gone off. I almost had a heart attack, not cool old man. We then returned to the group to find out we had to redo the whole museum on a guided tour. This tour was basically the most basic WW2 information that took over an hour, so after that I had a power nap at one of their cafeteria tables.
We then left for our day of cycling, the first portion was 16km to the Canadian War Cemetery in Holten which I was put into a different cycle group for. This allowed me to cycle with Tom and Demi who I had yet to actually cycle with. I realized today was our last day together so I tried to make the most of the situation. When we got to the cemetery we held a ceremony for Dick and Dottie’s uncle Laurie at his brothers grave, then were given some time to look around the cemetery. After our ceremony at the war cemetery we continued on the the bike shop to take a picture with the man who supplied our bikes then continued on through Holten to Peppe’s for krokets and soup. Dinner was nice because it gave Krista, Catelyn, Hannah, Allison, Kristen and I a chance to a beer and a chill dinner on the patio after a long day.


Then we biked on back to Markelo for our welcome home parade: Anke and I biked together, for being so young me and her are very similar and have a lot of fun. We got back to Markelo with a warm welcome from towns people and the veterans. We lined up and waited an hour for the parade to start.

 Once it started we made our way into the center of town to the city hall where we had a welcome back ceremony with wreath laying and speeches from veterans. After a shot of De Hoppe we continued to the windmill and on to the Havercamp.

 When at the Havercamp we all had drinks and got back together with the people of Markelo, veterans and the pipe bands, had to say goodbye to some of my Dutch friends who were going back to their town, but I will see them in a few days. At about 11 Suus and I went home and straight to bed. (unpacking and laundry can happen later)


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