Day 8

Day 8

I woke at 7 but refused to wake up till 8 since I didn’t have to, still feeling very anxious I got ready for the day, going to breakfast was interesting seeing everyone and recalling the last days activities. Then we were off on the bikes. From the hostel we rode to the WW2 museum. It was four floors of memorabilia and facts about the war. Filled with interest in cultural connections to music, film and consumption.

Then we left for the panorama, it was a long and bumpy ride on what I am assuming (praying) will be the worst road we will experience on the entire trip. On this trip we had our first person fall: Janice was literally standing still and fell off her bike and like a lady bug on its back she laid there flailing for a second before being picked up off the ground. When we arrived at the panorama we were late so we got 10 minutes to see the entire museum it was nuts. It was a big room with a three story look out were you could see what happened to Dresden because the allies in the war, a quote by Amber Laurie comes to mind:

“History is often written by the winners. There are two sides to every story. “

It is true when you see the accidental bombing here just how things can happen. Although we didn’t have much time here it doesn’t take long to understand the war crimes of the allies and understand that the losers are not the only ones committing crimes. With that we left for lunch in the park, the bike was beautiful and terrifying, a beautiful nightmare if you will, the landscapes were beautiful but the cobblestones were terribly uneven and hard to ride on. We went to the town square where the sisters chapel which was destroyed in WW2, the rebuilt to its former glory.
We had free time for the afternoon, Allison, Hannah, Allison, Ellen, Calvin, and I went exploring the square, in and out of little stores. After Allison, Ellen and I broke off from the group and went on our own back to the mall, found a store called New York Style which was like a hybrid of Pull and Bear and H&M. Got some things. It was cheap.  We returned to the square to take a few group photos in front of the Martin Luther memorial and lay a wreath there. 
After that we biked back for supper. I showered because all of that cobblestone really worked up a sweat. When I returned to the group I made some new friends, inviting the people I hadn’t really met to sit with me, I want to be able to look back and remember everyone, all of their names and smiling faces. Tonight I met and chatted with Demi and Tom, who are from a town called Nijmegen. They are extremely nice and funny, we drank together and chatted about the differences in our cultures. After supper we all hung out together on the patio until 11 when the patio closed and decided to go find somewhere outside to sit. When we left the hostel we had a big group of 20 people, but by the time we made it a block down the street the re were 9 of us and I was the only Canadian. So I stay thinking this is an opportunity to hang out with the people who all hang out together. Of course it didn’t really go as planned and they mostly just spoke to each other in Dutch the whole time.
Honestly about half of this blog and the whole last one were written sitting there with the Dutch kids. After a while it started raining so we returned to the hostel, and after a good chat with Ellen we hit the sack at 2 am.
Also a picture of our Mexican hostel:



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