Day 5

Day 5

so we basically start off where we left off. I’ve got back home at around 11pm after a drunk bike ride. Never knew that I was such a skilled drunk bike operator! When we got home Suus and I replaced our final time for Poland. Then it was time to get a bit of sleep, which wasn’t an issue but we had to be back at the Havercamp for 3:30am and board the bus to leave by 4:00am. Of course as soon as we board the bus I did something stupid: brought hot tea onto the bus. I set my hot tea on the little try on the seat in front of me which is when Bayley sat down on the chair and with my luck the tea fell off onto Allison, Hannah and I, creating some nice second degree burns. So after getting ointment the bus was on its way. We spent the the next hours trying to sleep as we travelled through the night. To put into perspective how boring this actually was our bus driver felt inined to inform us about an accident the was on the other side of the highway for something to do. There was also a good ten minute laugh at the truck driver who was so full of stereotypes that you just have to laugh. We hit Poland at 1:15 and got a 45 minute break, first impressions of Poland: language is very rough, has own money and people don’t like to take Euros. I respect that. Once we got back on the bus everyone started to lighten up, most woke up and played games or chatted. Once the radio was turned on everyone was up and except for Stephan who had extreme car sickness everyone was good. Hannah, Ellen, Allison, Luke, Bert and I got playing heads up which proved to be very entertaining with both Canadians and Dutch kids. It was only a little while before we were to Mikolow where we are staying for the next two nights. When we got there we went straight to the botanical gardens which we had a tour, supper and free wifi (very important).

Then we went over to the hotel and went to bed pretty quickly, we have an early more tomorrow: 5:30am.


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