Day 4

Sorry I didn’t post last night but we didn’t get home till 10:30 and had to pack. So today started off at 11am, I woke up, packed for Poland and went down to join my host family. We had breakfast then I went back up stairs to pack for the day.

 My intentions were to visit the family my mom stayed with last time but when I finished getting ready the leaders of the trip stopped by the Touw’s restaurant for lunch. So instead I stayed and joined them, when Suus returned we headed for Markelo. We had a meeting at the havercamp where we watched half of Schindler’s list which was extremely sad and left me in an emotional crisis. After that we got fitted for our cycles for Poland and Germany which wasn’t exactly terrifying but still terrifying. Then we left, stopped at a convience store where the people were extremely nice. We then returned home on the biked for stamppot which is made up of potatoes, chives and sausages and served with a sausage on the side.

 I feel the need to mention that it wasn’t an extremely long bike ride but about 5km that we did twice there and back that day. After that is when the exciting stuff began to happen. We had our first official ceremony where the people of Markelo sent us on our way and we heard speeches from various veterans.  We also heard from a 95 year old woman who survived Auschwitz, which was really the first moment when I fully understood why we are doing this, to spread her story and others like it to our generation so it isn’t lost or forgotten. Especially seeing her I knew that this was for something good. We were then given Holland’s eternal flame of freedom. It has been given to us to travel from Poland all the way back to Markelo marking the first ever time the flame has travelled from east to west. Every year the flame is brought from one place to another to commemorate Holland’s freedom but for the 70 anniversary of the ending of WW2 we have been given the honor of bringing it with us.   After some photos and a shot of some nasty black licorice liquor we headed into a bar for some drinks to commemorate the start of what is sure to be an amazing trip. Now I am sure that I am in good hands, after tonight I feel closer to the other cyclists and have seen the beginnings of friendships that will last forever.

So cheers to that! Proost!



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