Day 1 & 2

Day 1 & 2

since it is 2 am here in Dutch land and I can’t sleep I figured, why not blog? So here it goes!

Yesterday (April 18th) my friend Coleman drove me to the airport. I have to say that I was very anxious/nervous about this trip and still not 100% ready. But when I got to the airport and met everyone, the anxiety was gone. My mom was there to send me off which made leaving right from school easier, and then we were off! I will skip past any waiting in the airport because nothing truly notable happened but sitting and hating airports. So then in-flight. I hate long haul flights, they are nasty and you are expected to sleep but who can sleep when your are body to body with another human? I just happened to be between two girls on my trip so we got along well. I mean the flight wasn’t interesting unless you were the girl behind me who watched me endlessly switch from movie to movie and games and TV shows and flight tracker to pass the time. I probably watched more flight tracker then anything else.

We arrived at 6:30 am in Holland and that one hour of sleep I had on the plane had to carry me from then to when I actually fell asleep. When we arrived in Markelo we met our host families and were free to go and have fun. I was exhausted then so my family took me home.
But our first day together looked a bit more like: drink coffee, open gifts, eat, go for a walk, bike ride to Deipenheim for ice cream, eat, fall asleep on couch.


 Yes, you read that right, while watching TV after supper I was overcome by exhaustion and feel asleep at 7pm. So here we are now, at 2:45 am and I am laying awake, granted I am yawning so after this I will probably go back to sleep. Anyways, tomorrow is a tulip field, so stay tuned for pictures of me frolicking!


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