Day 3

Day 3

hey there friends!

I have survived another amazing day in Holland! Wooooooooo🇳🇱 side note: I slept again last night till 7am this morning. And from there we got up and ready to go, packed our bags for the day ate a quick breakfast and we’re off to Lochem train station. Side note 2: woke up this morning with a horrible headache and nausea. So despite that we were off to go see the tulips. We took a two hours journey on 3 trains and a bus and arrived at Keukenhof, a gigantic flower garden an hour west of Amsterdam. For there we spent the whole afternoon walking through the flowers and enjoying each other’s company. I was amazed at how hyper aware you have to be of your senses since there is so much going on. While in the garden:

See: so many flowers, of every color, just stunning.

Touch: not a whole lot haha, my ice cream, mmmm ice cream

Smell: so many smells to be smelt, I have never been so overwhelmed by such good smelling things.

Hear: children and adults laughing and playing and talking. There were thousands of tourists there.

Taste: warm ham on a roll, so simple but so good. Also the ice cream. haha

So below are some photos from that adventure.



So after that we left and headed for our bus, it was rush hour so the traffic was awful. One lesson I learned today is that you ALWAYS look both ways before crossing the bike lane, I also hit/got hit by a cyclist. Oops. We left on the train and took our 4 train ride back to Lochem  where we met up with Gea (my host mom) and returned home. After that we caught up over our days, seen a wild hedgehog (yeah apparently they aren’t just pets) and packed for Poland. I wrote some postcards home and now I am off to bed! Another exciting day tomorrow!

welterusten! (goodnight)


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