My Trip: Update

My Trip: Update

In two weeks from today I will be leaving on jet plane to Holland. I previously mentioned this trip once a couple of months back and will link that here:
Anyways, I come along way since then and I am now training at a shocking 100km a week. (wow)
So soon I am leaving with my group of 17 from my hometown to fly to Holland and bike our asses off. We will be in the media so look for me…
Here is the low down:
On the 17th of April at 10pm I finish my last exam. (this is necessary information so you can feel my pain)
18th: I go to the airport for 2:30 and leave at 5:30 for Amsterdam.
I mean I want to keep the rest a surprise for as I go, but in general the trip is a lot of ceremonies. We will be bringing Holland’s eternal flame with us as we go, as well as wreaths that we give as we go. We will participate in tours of many war landmarks like Auschwitz and the Berlin wall, as well as Markelo day and other Dutch celebrations.
All in all I am super pumped and just can’t wait to be done exams and paper (ugh. all the papers) so that I can go on this excursion. But don’t think I will be forgetting about you through this.
I will be attempting to post everyday when we have wifi or at least typing something out and posting it when I have the chance. Giving me the opportunity to track what I did that day and give you guys the opportunity to come along for the journey.
I figured I would update my last post since I haven’t said anything about this trip since I post that last post forever ago. So there it is, I am getting ready to go!



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