How To: procrastinate.

How To: procrastinate.

I mean, as if it isn’t clearly obvious from my lack of posting, I procrastinate all the time. Actually I guess the best teller of this is that I post most when I have exams, I mean clearly my priorities are straight.
People always say to “write what you know” so lemme tell ya’ll about procrastinatin’ like a boss.

1. Gather all the supplies you will need: a laptop, preferably with netflix subscription and a full battery or at the very least a cord that you can plug in when it is about to die.
2. Snacks. I mean no one can tell you that it is not acceptable to procrastinate when eating. Meals are necessary, so when eating is it still procrastinating? And if I eat 24 hours a day do I even have a paper due?
3. I choose to procrastinate over a hobby, usually blogging or cycling. So exploit your hobby, and if you don’t have a hobby, find one immediately.
4. It isn’t necessary, but I recommend alcohol.
5. I mean I tend to try and avoid all others while procrastinating because you get those “school oriented” kids who have finished the same paper weeks ago or aren’t even in your class and are just there to be like “have you finished yet?” and you’re sitting eating nachos like “gtfo.”
6. Now despite my general, “no-people-in the-procrastination-zone” rule, I will make an exception for other procrastinators, the rare breed who like to sit and watch Grace Helbig for hours. Ahhhh, my kind of people, which is why those select few are allowed into my territory.
7. Procrastinating is fun when you can go somewhere to do it, like home for the night or to a concert or anywhere but where you are actually supposed to be and actually doing what you are supposed to be doing.
8. I mean you could always procrastinate your procrastination, aka do your paper
10. If all else fails, sleep.


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