Why hello again, recently a took a little trip into the city with my friend Coleman.
I figured I would do this daily blog style and do a run down of the days events.
First we left our town at 10 am. When we got to T.O. we parked the car and started walking.
We walked from U of T to Kensington market, which made it necessary to ingest sweets to level out our blood sugar. We continued through the market, did some browsing, from cute shops to fancy hipster clothing stores. From there we met up with Coleman’s friend at a cafe named FIKA which was by far the cutest place I have ever been. A book accent wall, cute little horse decorations and yummy treats.

After that we left the cafe and began a adventure, which was can be better entitled “lost walking through Chinatown, where each hair salon looked the same as the last”, seriously we pasted about 9 of them. Where we happened upon a cute bath store where you can make your own soap, it was home to the cutest little old lady. As well as this weird crystal store that was pretty cool, the guy stared at me as if my aura was off, but I don’t really know.

We went to a cafe called R2 and got drinks: I got a pink latte. PINK. Then we continued parousing through some shops, such as a costume shop whose employees told us to look at their basement, which was dimly lit and weird.

11072072_10152880470150805_891076014_n 10576370_10152880470170805_514185735_n
Went to Na Dege which was perhaps the biggest surprise of the day, I thought it was just another cafe, but was pleasantly surprised to find macarons. I love macaronnnnnnssss.

After we went for a super cheap supper at the warehouse where everything is $5, so no surprise when it took forever and the other people there were crazy rude. Also another place where everything was $5, but it was a clothing shop in the basement and I swear everyone there was on drugs.
After that we took the subway back to the car, stopping for one last drink on our way out, I got a frozen lemonade and literally as I was saying “I’ll grab some napkins for the car” I dropped my drink on the floor… cool. However, luckily as soon as the cup hit the floor the nice guy working starting making me a new one. I mean, I cleaned the drink up and it ended up being sub par so it wasn’t really worth it. Then we left the city.
Till next time, Toronto.



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