How To: Clean Your Room/ Apartment/ Life

How To: Clean Your Room/ Apartment/ Life

So you want to clean something, eh?
1. Assess what needs cleaning, if you are anything like me this list will include everything.
2. Devise a plan that will allow you to tackle everything. aka room to room, or task by task.
3. Get to it!! Pump some tunes, roll up your sleeves and buckle down.
4. CLEAN EVERYTHING, under and over surfaces, between cracks, everywhere.
5. Stop. Curl up in a ball and have a cry break.
6. Or just stop for a full on couple hours. You deserve it.
7. I mean you should probably deal with the stacks of clothes you need to put away and that pile of dirt in the middle of your kitchen.
8. Everything becomes harder so you decide some things can wait for another day.
9. Shower. Because cleaning your house is dirty work
10.Revel in all that you have accomplished.
If all else fails…
some tips:
and maybe a little music to set the mood:

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