15 Things I Have Learned About Myself…

15 Things I Have Learned About Myself…

… since starting university.
First let me start off with a quick apology, I know this isn’t my first time being MIA but I finally got out of the busy and stressful times for school and am happy to embrace the easy going next few weeks.
So bringing it all back to the time I have spent in university (almost a full three years now) and going through some things I have learned.
1. Sweatpants are my favourite thing in the world.
I mean despite what my mom thinks, sweatpants are amazing, they are comfy and still classier than pj’s and are socially accepted at school, which pajamas are not.
Universal Studios

2. You can do projects the night before.
I mean, if you have anxiety or have a low tolerance for coffee and energy drinks, then I don’t recommend it. However for me, this tends to be the way everything gets done.


3. I am a very opinionated person.
Not that I ever wasn’t but it seems as though this whole education thing has left me with many opinions and a smart mouth. At least its good for something!

4. I can watch an extreme amount of netflix.
Marathons means nothing to me, it is more of a daily routine.


5. The list of people I hate is waaaaay longer than the list of people I like.
I mean I can list the people I like on my hands and toes.


6. Exams matter, but so does my sanity.
I recently was thinking about how I approached exams in first year versus now. In first year, exams were cut-throat, life and death situation that caused me stress pukes. Now however, exams bring about a time for the same stress level and realizing that C’s get degrees and to not be as worried about what I don’t know.

Lion’s Gate Entertainment

7. It is hard to manage your social life.
Friends can be so needy…. they expect you to text them and stuff, ew.

Lion’s Gate Films

8. Inside good. Outside bad.
I honestly hate the outdoors, equally as much as I hate physical activity, its a real toss up.


9. my diet can be described as “unchaperoned child at a birthday party”
I eat what I want, when I want.

tumblr_inline_nkc2iwsg1m1ro2d43 tumblr_inline_nkc2j7AVod1ro2d43 tumblr_inline_nkc2jjolRn1ro2d43

10. I can go 3 days without washing my hair and have it look the same as the first day.
But my record is a week…..


11. Having hobbies has made the task of school not so bad.
This year I have had a gym training schedule and I have taken up the ukelele.

Warner Bros.

12. Drinking is completely acceptable on all occasions.
I’d like to consider myself an open minded person on this subject.


13. People call me a bitch, I call myself honest.
I could leave it here but I feel that to say something with honesty is not always rude, so I embrace being called a bitch if it means I can have an opinion on the world.


14. Dancing at the bar is sort of my thing.
I have the dance moves of a 40-year old white male but that hasn’t stopped me yet.


15. The friends I have made and managed to keep since starting university are friends I will cherish forever.
Yes, they take effort and maintenance but it is all worth it in the end.


What to take from this post: I do what I want, when I want.



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