The Squad

The Squad

As mentioned in my last post, I am home for reading week right now. Which translates to me saying that I have spent a substantial amount of time with my best friends from my hometown. I have mentioned each of them before, but with their best friend status, they really deserve their own post. So here is the post formally introducing my friends:


Name: Alyssa Christine Parking

Date of Birth: June 22nd, 1994

Favourite food: nachos, gummy candy

Hobbies: yoga, Netflix, drinking

Special skills: has crazy ability to morph eyebrows

How we met: I actually don’t really know, I assume that we met when we were in her mother’s kindergarten class, but that is a guess. Let’s just say it was a really long time ago.

Favourite memory: she was the best part of my lunch and spare in high school, she does the weirdest stuff. e.g. making songs, talking about her dreams, licking markers, etc.

First impression: probably along the lines of “nice pigtails” or “why does she have orange juice and I have apple” … because we were babies.

Describe here in one word: one-of-a-kind … that’s one word, right?

DSC_1205Name: Karling Joe Barton (Karli)

Date of birth: May 3rd, 1994

Favourite food: chips, those pretzel things in ranch

Hobbies: selfie-taking, ukelele, sims, bees***

Special skills: she has kept her cat alive for over a week. *wow *much impressed

How we met: At these dances for children in grade 4, she was one of my cool out-of-town friends

Favourite memory: We have a super long beer-pong winning streak.

First impression: I believe I was jealous of how long her hair was.

Describe her in one word: blegh

IMG_3963Name: Nikayla Lee Barton (Kayla)

Date of birth: May 3rd, 1994

Favourite food: Pickles, chips

Hobbies: sims, sleeping, singing to Karli’s ukelele

Special skills: probably holds world record for longest time in sweatpants

How we met: Same way as Karli, at the child dances in grade 4.

Favourite memory: This past Halloween, she dressed up as a balloon animal, the entertainment was endless. *see pic below

First Impression: Her hair was also extremely long. But I was more focused on the fact that she was dating my cousin.

Describe her in one word: hilarious


Amazing amiright?


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