I figure after my mini melt down a couple days I would make a list of things that make me happy. This one is inspired by a text I received by my mom that night that told me to look at things that make me happy so I figured I would make a list to reflect on the next time I’m down.

Family: obviously as mentioned before I have a strong support system that is there to sense out when I need them even when we are 300 km apart. I owe my awesome personality and sense of humour to them.

Friends: now I know you arn’t supposed to simply rely on others for you happiness but I’d be lying f I said that my friends are part of my happiness, whether that be my older friends who are young at heart (yes, Shirley’s I’m talking to you) or my roommates or my school/ high school friends, they all keep me going with endless support and laughs.

Tea: I love tea. Drinking it, buying it and talking about it oddly give me real joy.
Food: eating a good meal (not necessarily healthy) gives me great satisfaction. Favourites include: pho, pizza, soup.

Studio Ghibli films: These are best watched when sick, sad, or tired. Spirited Away, My Neighbour Totoro, and Howl’s Moving Castle are my three favourites.

Dancing: Obviously not professionally or anything, but crappy dad dance moves in my kitchen make me happy and I believe to make others around me happy.

Playing the ukelele: it sounds nice, plus the added bonus of learning to play an instrument to make you feel good.

The feeling after you go to the gym: you know you feel super accomplished for doing something that sucks and completing it.

Music: I am no stranger to making playlists to suit the mood. So I attached a playlist that will support or create a good mood.

Some other small things that make me happy if your needing some inspiration: bubble bathes, fresh cut flowers, clean sheets, the ambiance from candles in the dark, alcohol, the smell of fresh coffee, afternoon sun, the sound of waves on the shore, and more alcohol.


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