Feburary 6th, 2015

Feburary 6th, 2015

I know what your probably thinking, “this girl posted yesterday, what more could she possibly have to say?” but trust me there’s lots.
I have always wanted to attempted the whole daily blog thing and have never felt that I have much to say about a given day, but after having a very interesting day yesterday I figured I would share. Two of my friends have also started daily blogs that are funny and interesting and you should read them:
oh and they’re twins, read their blogs if your into that sort of thing
So we begin the crazy-Friday-from-hell at 7 am: I had a presentation at 9 so my partner requested that we meet at 8 to go over everything once more. I was already a mess running around and gathering things, which led me to be late to our meeting. cool. We did our presentation and it was awful, it is early Friday morning so the kids in my class decided not to talk for the first half of the presentation, which just happened to be my half, great.
The only plus is that I could tell you anything you need to know about ethics and measuring scales for research studies. (I should put that on my resume, I know)
After waiting impatiently with a kid from class for an hour until our Canadian film class, we were sub-versed to the horrors of a movie about sex trafficking that was just way to real for us. So naturally, we left halfway through. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
But in case your interested the movies called Sex Traffic (2004)
– it resembles Crossroads at the beginning
– but it isn’t like Crossroads at all
– a boy sells his girlfriend to the sex trade
– oh and the Americans don’t stop the sex trade
– despite what you may see if you watch the American version
it’s magical
I channeled all that negative energy at the gym after and completed my last 21 km for the week like a boss. Which lead to the following activities:
– laying in bed for the remainder of the afternoon and watched netflix. you know, real hard stuff right there.
My evening was spent with my roommates and a few of Darrelle’s school friends. Which lead to an extremely fun night at the bar filled with unexpected events and unexpected cameos. If your reading this, Luke you are probably the person I least expected to see at the bar, so cheers man.
The night ended with the real troops (Me, Mckenna, and Kelly) who stayed out till 2, stumbling back through the park and completely our after-the-bar routine of bread and water.
I don’t know if this really means anything to anyone, but your welcome.
– Brittany out.


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