People in My School Cafeteria

People in My School Cafeteria

Here I sit, alone, in my school’s cafeteria. I have all but sworn this place off, mostly because it is notoriously known as a watering hole for 1st years and professors, and who wants to eat surrounded by people who have no idea whats going on and people who know way too much. Since I happened to make an appearance today, I figured I might as well write about my adventures people watching.
The first person of interest is directly across from me. She is THAT girl, talking on the phone loudly to her girlfriend about some unimportant matter of business and glaring at me when we make eye-contact. *Well first of all girl, if you don’t want me to listen to your stupid conversation, then have it in private. Second of all, I have headphones in and despite your side glances at me, I am merely observing you, I can’t actually hear what your saying. This girl is part of the reason I dislike the caf, it is filled with snobby first years who are way too full of themselves. Unfortunately that stupid optimism they all seem to have about them will start to fade as the years go on.
That got dark….moving on, the 80-year-old professor who uses the caf as her pathway to her hideout, from my past days of sitting here I believe that she is most likely from the education department. She sneaks down through here to smoke a cig at the back of the school. She hasn’t done anything wrong, I mean if anything she provides me simple pleasures in recognizing this same women from time to time in the mist of her daily routine.
Sidenote: only just realized how creepy I must seem sitting alone, examining everyone within distance of me.
But continuing anyways,next we have the prissy library assistant, I have never been formally introduced to him, but he has been here since I started school and has the most frightening side eye I have ever seen on a man. I bet that intense look has been used to enforce the rules of the library more than once. He sits here alone to eat his lunch, while swamped in his school work, but today there is the added bonus of him going to town on his nose, I mean his finger is practically halfway to China at this point. For me there are certain things you just don’t do in public, and that my friend, is one of them.
Last, but definitely (my) least (favourite) are the music/drama kids who have taken up this very cafeteria as their own playground in between classes, they take the form of large groups in which they dramatically play out their lunch. This literally takes up about half of the population of the school’s cafeteria, they come in masses and take over everything. They are just another reason I prefer to eat at home.Honestly, I will not be satisfied until the day I witness library guy stare down the drama kids, maybe “shhh” them too.
This is a pretty negative account of the school’s cafeteria, let me add a few positives:
– the food isn’t half bad, but it does cost an arm and a leg
– it’s a great place to people watch, it is also where you’ll be watched
– a good public place to meet people for lunch, if you can find them among the people
– you can see people you don’t see all the time, but with your luck there was probably a reason you weren’t talking to them for the past year
Well, there you have it, my school’s cafeteria. Do you have a place of similar interest?
– Brittany out.


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